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Challenges for a sustainable future




We are committed to a balanced energy mix and the efficient management of renewable resources, engaging in innovative projects and initiatives in various fields of renewable power generation: O&M optimisation, hybridisation and storage, the search for new technologies, etc.





Distributed generation and self-supply

Distributed power is already here. Thanks to technological advancements, we now have smart infrastructures and systems capable of decentralising power distribution points and revolutionising the models we have today, giving way to new business opportunities.



Sustainable mobility

We are in the middle of a revolution that is changing our approach to mobility. The need for travel options that minimise environmental impact is opening up opportunities for other energy sources, such as electricity, natural gas and hydrogen. New mobility services are emerging that reduce the number of motor vehicles in our cities while maintaining availability levels.



We seek to provide our clients with products and services with a high added value, fundamentally basing ourselves on two core lines of action: GEDIS and self-supply; and the integration of new solutions and Data Analytics.




Advanced asset management

We are improving the operation of both our generation and distribution assets: electricity and gas grids. Maintenance based condition, remote supervision, sensorisation, IoT and AI, robots, power control, smart meters and telemanagement, new business models and network operation, etc.


Renewable gas

We are working to improve and streamline available technologies and develop new technology to reduce renewable gas production costs in order to help enable the gradual injection of renewable gas into the Spanish gas network, thus helping to achieve environmental and climate change targets in Spain. 
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Green hydrogen

We have been committed to this energy carrier for years, participating in and promoting various projects related to green hydrogen production studies and analysing usage possibilities through injection into the natural gas network or its applications in mobility and industry, with the aim of maximising demand and reducing costs.




  • RePort RIS3CAT

    Project for converting diesel engines to dual-fuel engines and the creation of a logistics network of VNG in the port of Barcelona and nearby in order to reduce polluting emissions in the industrial transport sector. It has been co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

  • Bestres

    Development of a tool to simulate optimal use of a battery with different functionalities (arbitration, routing management, etc.) associated with a generator or even a stand-alone model. It also allows for a comparative study of different investments in storage systems

  • Windex (2017-2019)

    Sensorisationand development of information processing tools to extend the useful lifeand structural life of wind farms based on a technology for measuring vibrations and other parameters that use fibre optics.  

  • Renewable-Storage Hybridisation (2017-2020)

    Implementation of a management system for the power generated at awind farm for a pilot project that hybridises storage with generation and complements the capabilities of a conventional power plant with new capabilities
  • GrowSmarter (2015 - 2019)

    GrowSmarter is a European project that seeks to apply a combination of technologies to promote energy savings, a reduction in environmental impact and improved quality of life in Smart City environments as a pilot project.  

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  • Mixed Renewable Gas Unit (2016-2019)

    The main objective of the Mixed Renewable Gas Unit is to increase knowledge on the biomethane production processes (Renewable Gas) in the urban wastewater treatment plant and food industry wastewater treatment plant sector, focusing on injection into the network.
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  • COFAST (2014-2018)

    The goal is to develop and launch a new solution for quick-charge stations for electric vehicles. The energy to be supplied to vehicles will come from a small-scale co-generation system powered by natural gas 

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  • LIFE Metamorphosis

    LIFE Methamorphosis aims to show, on an industrial scale, two innovative systems for waste treatment, Umbrella and Methagro, for the production of biomethane within the framework of promoting renewable energies and offsetting the greenhouse effect.

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  • Smart Green Gas  (2014 – 2018)

    Study on the purification of biogas obtained from waste treatment plants and its conversion to high-qualitybiomethane, with 95% concentration, to be injected into the gas network or used as automotive fuel

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  • Clean Port

     A solution for clean ancillary power generation is being sought, as well as providing LNG and NG bunkering: a mobile and safe on-land alternative to ship loading. The goal is to help standardise bunkering regulations in ports.

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