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Small-scale cogeneration for supplying electric vehicle quick-charge stations


This is a project for the development and launch of a new integrated and standardised solution for electric vehicle quick-charge stations. The electricity to be supplied to vehicles at these new stations will come from a small-scale cogeneration system run on natural gas

Given that the system also produces heat energy while producing the electricity to supply vehicles, the COFAST charging stations will be installed at locations where a consumer could make use of the surplus electricity and heat generated.

At Naturgy, we are implementing the first pilot test in Mataró, in the Barcelona metropolitan area.
COFAST cabin solution. Image provided by PASCH Y CÍA
Compared to quick chargers connected to the power grid, it offers some significant advantages:

 Independence from the electricity grid. In some places, a quick charger solution can be installed without having to reinforce the grid.

 High energy efficiency. Taking advantage of residual heat provides energy savings and a relevant reduction of CO2 emissions.


To develop a quick-charge station for electric vehicles powered by a cogeneration motor.
To build and install a prototype as part of a pilot scheme, and monitor the results in order to validate its operation over the course of at least seven months.
To industrialise and launch the COFAST solution into the market, considering Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) as the main target customer.


Improved air quality in cities by fostering electric mobility.
Increased energy savings and CO2 emission reduction due to the high efficiency of the solution.
Reduced congestion on distribution networks by generating energy at the point of consumption.

Technologies used

Cogeneration of 142 kW electric and 207 kW thermal.

It can feed two charging points at the same time, while meeting  the thermal and electricity demands of an adjacent building.

Tri-standard quick charge (charge the battery up to 80% in half an hour).

Maximises the number of models of compatible electric vehicles (ChaDeMo, CCS and Mode 3 systems).

Interurban (booths) and urban (modular) stations.

At the urban  stations, the components are installed in a technical room and the charge pumps are in an accessible location.


The project is being developed within the framework of KIC Innoenergy by a consortium of five members, including private companies and research groups from different fields: PASCH, IREC, CINERGIA, SIGE and Naturgy. Each of these partners contributes their technology and experience in order to integrate the different technologies and areas of knowledge involved in this project.


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