Mixed Renewable Gas Unit


The main objective of the Mixed Renewable Gas Unit is to increase knowledge on the biomethane production processes (Renewable Gas) in the urban wastewater treatment plant and food industry wastewater treatment plant sector, focusing especially on injection into the network.
Workers in the Mixed Renewable Gas Unit laboratory

The call

The Galician Innovation Agency (GAIN) published on 21 July 2016 the call for the creation, commissioning and consolidation of mixed research units in line with the strategic challenges and priorities identified in RIS3 for Galicia, jointly financed by the European Regional Development Fund within the framework of the operational programme Feder Galicia 2014- 2020, in pillar 1 “Promote research, technological development and innovation”.

This line of action aims to increase the number of mixed units in Galicia through specific calls in support of their creation, commissioning and the promoting of existing ones, with a view to meeting the following objectives:


 To configure mixed working groups among research entities and companies to become catalysts for the development of lines of R&D+i.

 To develop high-impact knowledge-intensive projects

 Showcasing the research groups

 To bring research entities closer to the company

 To attract lines of R&D+i to Galicia

 To incentivise the transfer of R&D+i results to the market

The project

On 14 December 2016, the Galician Innovation Agency approved the project for the creation of a new Mixed Renewable Gas Unit with the participation of the Naturgy, EnergyLab (Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Technology Centre) and the public supramunicipal enterprise EDAR Bens S.A., which provides the wastewater treatment service for the cities of A Coruña, Arteixo, Cambre, Culleredo and Oleiros.
  • Collaborators

    EnergyLab and Naturgy will work jointly until 2019 at the EDAR Bens S.A. facilities, where they will install a pilot plant and conduct research. Thus, the Mixed Unit will enable the implementation of the concepts of bioeconomy and circular economy in the waste treatment sectors with the most weight in the Galician economy, positioning Galicia as a reference European region in the production, optimisation, methanisation and application of renewable natural gas as a new energy vector.
  • Project objectives

     Improving biogas production
     Improving the production of biomethane (biogas purification)
     Defining, optimising and implementing network injection
     Analysing, optimising and validating the use of biogas and biomethane as a fuel (dedicated and dual) in the urban fleet (utility vehicles/vans, lorries, buses).
     Increasing efficiency in the use of biogas and biomethane through heat recovery systems (ORC, micro-cogeneration).

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