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Smart Green Gas

Energy recovery of waste and effluent

ministry of industry, energy and tourism
european union

Results report

 Development of new optoluminescent sensors designed ad-hoc in collaboration with the Complutense University to measure the quality of biogas and biomethane. The sensors have obtained promising results.
 The integration unit of all sensors developed to measure gas quality was designed and assembled. 
 The goodness of the integration unit was proven in the laboratory with simulated gases.
 Equations of state were developed to estimate the dew point of hydrocarbons.
 Subsequently, a validation analysis was run on the multisensor equipment at the FCC biomethane plant in Jerez de la Frontera. Regarding optoelectronic sensors, during this process the best sensor film was optimised and manufactured to quantify NH3 (indicator/support combination), assessing its analytical characteristics. 
 The results obtained were positive and show the potential of the integration unit designed for this project.

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