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We maintain an open and innovative attitude in order to identify opportunities and develop new business models capable of meeting market and customer demands. Naturgy fosters entrepreneurship, both within the company and in partnership with universities, start-ups, research organisations, entrepreneurs and public authorities.


Major open innovation initiatives

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This is a multi-sectoral open innovation initiative in Europe promoted by Aigües de Barcelona, CaixaBank, Naturgy, SEAT and Telefónica to find the best start-ups with which to develop technology solutions for business challenges. We want to be the first to adopt technologies that impact our consumers.
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Madrid in Motion is an initiative by Barrabé in response to the major urban mobility challenge. The project is being supported by public institutions and companies, such as Madrid City Council and EMT, as well as multi-sectoral companies, such as Naturgy, Mastercard, Ferrovial, Santander, Hochtief, Repsol, Cabify and Cepsa.
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In partnership with Innoenergy, which promotes the integration of education, business and entrepreneurship to strengthen the innovation culture. This initiative supports entrepreneurship in clean energies for transforming projects into business realities. 

Other projects 

We are also involved in innovation events with start-ups, such as South Summit, Web Summit, Start-up Olé and Slush.



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