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Advanced monitoring system for gas- and electricity-distribution facilities.


This project is part of the medium-term strategy for developing advance monitoring systems for gas- and electricity-distribution grids and facilities. The strategy aims to use the expertise, tools and equipment that enable an efficient and optimised management of gas- and electricity-distribution assets, by incorporating new features and thereby increasing the safety and reliability of maintenance and supply activities.

These operations are currently being performed manually, locally and periodically by a squad that has to inspect the numerous facilities throughout Spanish territory with the consequential costs and risks.



The project’s main objectives include:

 Develop earth resistance metering sensors applicable to transformation centres and high-voltage towers.

 Incorporate new low-cost communication technologies to provide connectivity to the deployed sensors.

 Incorporate active video systems for gas and electricity distribution to improve supervision and improve preventive maintenance.

 Develop an imbalance detection system for MV grid loads (aerial and underground lines). 

 Demonstrate a real gas and electricity distribution environment.



Develop solutions that make it possible to avoid manual inspections that occur through the maintenance brigades.
Develop new voltage/intensity sensors that enable reliable real-time information to be gathered on the grid’s status, instead of making status stimulations.
Implement early fault-detection and localisation systems on the electricity distribution system that enable the grid’s predictive maintenance and better asset management.
Test the solutions and devices developed under the project in laboratory and real-life pilot schemes for quicker market access.


The MAIGE project is funded by Spain's Ministry for the Economy, Industry and Competitiveness and by the European Regional Development Fund under the 2016 Call for COLLABORATION challenges.

This is led by Naturgy and involves the companies ZIV Metering Solutions, Aplicaciones Tecnológicas and Ixion Industry And Aerospace, as well as research bodies at the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM-CeDint) and the Technological Institute of Energy (ITE), along with CIRCE.
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