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Our global project is being developed in more than 20 countries and with the direct involvement of 11,847​ people.

The empowerment of people is one of the main factors leading to transformation. In this regard, we have focused our efforts on defining a management model, connecting the new strategic objectives to people and simplifying processes to accompany the creation of value.

The people model has been designed as a dynamic ecosystem that allows people to play a fundamental role in the company’s evolution and comprises three main areas. 

Our team

Commitment and loyalty

We work on the pillars of talent attraction, loyalty and segmentation. 

Total Compensation

We associate job classification, pay and working environment.


A key element in the evolution and development of our professionals.

Value proposal for employees

This incorporates the attributes and reasons that define us as somewhere to work, reflecting the value attributed by the company to the professionals who work there now, future employees and other stakeholders:

To design a challenging, forward-looking and innovative project in which to grow as people and professionals.
Energy comes from a professional and diverse team that shares inspiration and learning and in which support is provided to grow, imagine the future and achieve it.
To provide value through employees, to believe in their energy, responsibility and independence as key to the business, as well as in their daily efforts for leaving a mark on customers and in the search for a more sustainable and prosperous society.
To steer the future: and to be essential as a company, as a team and as people.

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