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  • We offer stable, quality employment as well as a solid, structured and attractive professional career

Characteristics of our professionals include thoroughness and professionalism, an interest in life-long learning and self-improvement, an innovative spirit

We believe promoting a safe, quality working environment is essential, prioritising the personal and professional development of our employees. We also promote a work environment based on respect, dialogue, an appreciation of diversity and, naturally, responsible behaviour.

We have a standard global recruitment process for all our businesses and the countries where we operate, through which we guarantee best practice in the identification, recruitment and retention of talent.

Compliance with our Code of Ethics is obligatory and it establishes the guidelines that govern the ethical conduct of our employees during their daily work, in particular regarding their relationships and interactions with stakeholders.

10,540 employees
in over 20 countries

open-ended contracts

average age

33% women
and 67% men

Our commitments to people

Best practice

We apply in the identification, attraction and retention of the talent necessary for developing our businesses while ensuring the principles of equality and non-discrimination on any grounds.


Fostering the professional development of people within the talent management model, ensuring the availability, for all professionals, of the resources, programmes and tools necessary to enhance their skills and abilities.


Promoting a motivating work environment that ensures internal recognition of the effort culture, the necessary independence to enable creation, development and innovation, and a suitable framework of compensation.


Promoting the effective implementation of flexibility mechanisms that facilitate a balance between work and personal life while fostering the human and social development of our people.

Diversity and equal

Fostering diversity and equal opportunities within an environment of respect, constant listening and dialogue, while paying special attention to the inclusion of disability and extending this commitment to suppliers and partner companies.


Promoting constant communication between the company and social representatives to enable feedback on decision-making processes.

Our value proposal

Talent management
Gestión del talento

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Diversity and equality
Diversidad e igualdad

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Employee satisfaction

Satisfacción de los empleados

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Flexibilidad y conciliación

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