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Health, Safety and Wellbeing for people, a strategic commitment.

We plan and develop our business while bearing in mind that nothing is more important than the health, safety and wellbeing of people. In this regard, our commitment goes beyond mere legal obligations.

We voluntarily foster ongoing improvements of working conditions and in the management of health, safety and wellbeing, involving the people who make up the company and our suppliers, partner companies, customers and other stakeholders.

Our goal is to avoid and prevent accidents and damage to health by providing a safe and healthy environment. This is clearly established in our Corporate Responsibility Policy

Logo del Compromiso con Seguridad y Salud

Our commitment to health and safety

Our commitment to health and safety is based on the development of five key action lines that form the rules steering our cultural transformation at Naturgy.

Main figures

In 2013 we started a Commitment to Health and Safety Plan with very good results. In 2019, we managed to...
Keep the  Índice de Frecuencia

Reduce accidents leading to time off work


Visión Zero

Vision Zero is a transformational approach to prevention being promoted by the International Social Security Association (ISSA) aimed at achieving zero accidents, diseases or injuries in the workplace that is also being supported by EU-OSHA. The initiative seeks to foster a culture of prevention at organisations.

Vision Zero integrates the three dimensions of safety, health and well-being at all levels of work. Thanks to this flexibility, Vision Zero is beneficial to any workplace, enterprise or industry in all regions of the world seeking to build a safer working environment.

Recognition in terms of health and safety
  • Logos de Inail y Confindustria
    Excelencia en prevención (2018)

    Reconocimiento otorgado por el Consejo Nacional de Seguridad de Chile.
  • Inail and Confindustria logos
    Occupational safety and vehicle fleet safety (2018)
    Naturgy was recognised at the Safety Awards of the American Gas Association (AGA) for having recorded the lowest ‘in labore’ accident rate in the ‘mega companies’ category and for the safety of its vehicle fleet.
  • Meps2 logo
    Award presented at the 4th Conference of the business association PRLInnovación recognising us as absolute leaders in corporate monitoring of excellence in prevention, health and safety.
  • Logos of Antena 3 and its “Ponle freno” campaign
    Road Safety (2017)
    Award to the Best Occupational Road Safety Initiative for the project entitled “Road Safety at Naturgy: a job for everyone”, stemming from the social campaign undertaken by Atresmedia to reduce road accidents.
  • International ORP Foundation logo
    Occupational wellbeing
    Recognition from the International ORP Foundation for a commitment to the field of occupational risk prevention and ongoing innovation, training and the implementation of healthy company policies.
  • Logo of the National Safety Council of Chile
    Good results (2017)
    Award for the good results in terms of accident frequency. This is given to those who have achieved a zero frequency over two consecutive years and for managing to maintain a significant decline over three or more years.
  • Mutual de Seguridad logo
    Mutual de Seguridad (2017)
    The electricity company in Atacama received the Juan Godoy Award from Mutual de Seguridad. This recognition is presented every year to the company with the best risk prevention management.
Employees on site wearing safety gloves and helmets

People safety

Our commitment to health and safety is understood in terms of preventive thought management and is geared towards the beliefs, attitudes and values upheld by people.

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Safety at office window logo

Process safety

Our management of process safety has a cross-cutting purpose aimed at raising awareness about safety from a different perspective.

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Doctor checking an employee’s blood pressure at their practice

Integrated health

We are concerned with the wellbeing of our employees, but also with that of our partners and the communities and social environments we work with.

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Our commitment to ODS

ODS 3: Salud y bienestar
We develop our business with a focus on health, safety and wellbeing through:
 Health and wellbeing programmes for employees and their families.
 The implementation of highly demanding health and safety standards.
 Investment in the reduction of accidents and preparation for potential emergencies.
 Social action programmes related to health and wellbeing in the communities where we operate.



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