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Our team

We offer stable and quality employment, as well as a sound, structured and attractive professional career for which 98.3% of employment contracts are permanent. We have a standard global recruitment process for all business and countries where we operate, through which we guarantee best practices in the identification, recruitment and retention of talent.

The thoroughness and professional attitude of our professionals, the interest in life-long learning and self-improvement, and innovative spirit, as well as the sustainable commitment and dedication to company targets, are characteristics of the employee profile in every region and business. In this regard, it should be noted that 84% of employees express a high level of commitment to the company.

11,847 employees
in more than 20 countries

 32% women and 68% men
 The average age is 44.6 years
 98% on permanent employment contracts
 14.8 years of seniority on average
 85,8% de plantilla formada y 276,365  horas de formación

Commitment to people

For us, knowing how happy our employees are is an essential part of our commitment to people. At present, the commitment percentage stands at 84%..


 The Employee Care Service (SAE)

This was launched six years ago, and has consolidated itself as a single and centralised point of contact for employees. 

  Culture and Employee Experience

Our culture encompasses the processes within the people model from a standpoint of consistency, globality and leadership, giving sense and presence to the transformation towards value creation.

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