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Our value proposal

We promote a quality working environment based on respect, diversity, and personal and professional development. We have a Code of Ethics that establishes the guidelines that must govern the ethical conduct of all our employees during their daily work, in particular regarding those issues related to the relations and interactions maintained with all stakeholders. 

Talent management

This is a standard procedure in all businesses that is governed by shared goals defined in the leadership model. This framework, which is aimed at achieving results, defines the skills and conduct expected from professionals based on the principles of ethics, collaboration, equal opportunities and respect for difference.

The talent management tools, which are aimed at knowing our professionals, fostering their development and streamlining mobility and promotion, consist of four main concepts: assessment, development, succession and job posting.

In 2018:

 87% of the senior management team has changed roles.

 44% involved transversal mobility.

 853 vacancies have been filled through the mobility process.

Talent management also seeks to attract high-potential professionals through various initiatives:

Internship programme

We maintain partnerships with the main universities and higher education centres in the countries where we operate. 

Commitment to Dual Vocational Training

We trained 160 people in 2018. . 


The goal is to accompany new professionals joining the Organisation, improving the employee experience.


Integrated Diversity Plan

We have a firm commitment to diversity, forming a comprehensive part of the Integrated Diversity Plan that encompasses specific initiatives on people management classified into three fields of activity: :  


Specific development plan for female talent based on the incorporation of talent, promotion of leadership and online training in diversity.


We promote various actions aimed at standardising the management of functional diversity: Plan Familia, Plan Capacitas, Plan Aflora and Certificado Bequal Plus..


We work on generational diversity through guided and planned actions, such as Junior Talent, talent acceleration, and mobility and promotion tracking.


We have had an Equality Plan in effect since 2013 that is based on 14 strengths to be maintained and 14 weaknesses to be corrected. This plan has led to 32 actions focused on communication and awareness-raising, culture and leadership, development and promotion, remuneration, flexibility and reconciliation, recruitment, prevention of harassment, measurement and tracking.

The creation and activation of a specific protocol to combat harassment, the protocol on best practices in recruitment processes and the communication guidelines for business professionals needing to get involved in a recruitment process for any reason are just some of the measures put in place that have led to major advancements in terms of diversity and equality:

​​ The number of female employees has surpassed the 30% threshold, higher than other companies in the sector.

 Women receive promotions faster (two years earlier in middle management and six months on average in the senior management team), and the percentage of women promoted is also higher (33%) than the corresponding figure for the workforce as a whole.

 66% of Naturgy executives in Europe have passed through the Take the Lead and Hazte Visible training programmes, rating the programmes highly.


We are committed to work-life balance by applying measures such as flexitime, services and benefits.

The EFT Global certificate recognises Naturgy as a benchmark for the new socio-labour and business culture thanks to the corporate and local measures in terms of work-life balance:

 Flexible start/finish times and an intensive summer work schedule.

More time off for having a child, getting married, the death of a relative and other similar events.

 Medical care policies and services (hospital admission, treatment, ophthalmological tests, dentist plan and other equivalent measures).  . 

 Public benefit complements in the case of temporary incapacity.

 Collaboration on cultural, sports and recreational activities.

 Economic support to pay for food. 

 “Plan Familia”, aimed at the relatives (parents, children, brothers/sisters and spouses) of employees with a 33% or higher level of disability and aged between 0 and 65.

 Financial help for employees to undertake professional studies and scholarships, and financial help to buy books through a fund with various regulations and targets.

 Pension plans and savings funds.

 Loans, advances and credit and insurance facilities for employees and their families.

 Discounted rates for electricity and natural gas consumption.

 Preferential agreements with financial and insurance entities.

 Holiday homes.

 Family benefits for the birth of a child, marriage, nursery care and professionals who have children with different abilities.


Corporate volunteering

This is a social action initiative promoted by the Naturgy Foundation aimed at harnessing employee knowledge to help vulnerable people. A total of 481 employees and retired employees from the company are registered on this programme.


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