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We promote a quality working environment based on respect, diversity, and personal and professional development.

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Our business model is able to adapt to increasingly more flexible, changing and complex ways of doing business because it has been designed as a dynamic ecosystem that allows people to play a fundamental role in the company’s evolution. 


    Our team

     11,847 people
     52% work in Europe
     98.3% of employees have permanent contracts
     32% women and 68% men


    Corporate University

     276,365 training hours
     Close on 25 training hours per employee
     85,8% of the workforce trained
     A 7-million euro investment


    Your career with us

    Internship programme
    Commitment to Dual Vocational Training


 Best practices

We apply them to the identification, intake and retention of the talent necessary for developing the businesses while ensuring the principles of equality and non-discrimination.

 Professional development

We foster the development of people within the talent management model, ensuring that the resources, programmes and tools necessary to enhance their skills and abilities are available to all our professionals.


We encourage a work environment that ensures internal recognition of the effort culture, the necessary independence to enable creation, development and innovation, and a suitable remuneration framework.


We ensure the effective implementation of mechanisms to facilitate work-life balance while fostering the human and social development of people.

  Diversity and equality

In an environment of respect, constant listening and dialogue, while paying special attention to the inclusion of disability and extending this commitment to suppliers and partner companies.


We promote constant dialogue between the company and social representatives to enable feedback on decision-making processes.

Your career with us


Corporate University

Corporate university

Health and safety

Health and safety


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