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Sobral I Photovoltaic Power Plant (Brazil)

The Sobral I solar power plant (34.74 MWp) is located in the state of Piauí in northern Brazil. It is Naturgy’s first photovoltaic generation plant outside Spain, occupying an area of 100 hectares, and it went into operation in September 2017. It includes over 100,000 panels; 10,000 units are installed every day, which translates into 2.6 MW, and explains the over 900 workers needed for this.

Besides running the power plant, we are implementing an action programme with the local indigenous community in its vicinity. The Quilombola communities are Afro-Brazilian descendants of slaves who escaped in colonial times.

In this regard we have launched a social action plan to develop projects of community interest. Collaboration with the local authorities and community committees is key to the success of the projects.

Pupils of the educational social action plan in Brazil

Projects resulting from the social action plan

Support for education We offer university scholarships to students without resources, and donate books for the subjects in the upper grades. Since 2019, three students have been benefiting from these comprehensive scholarships, which cover accommodation, transport and maintenance.
Restoration of community infrastructures We are collaborating in restoring access to the communities and water supply for livestock and agriculture, which are the economic basis of local Quilombola communities.
Clean energy access to a water source We are gathering information on wells in the area with the aim of improving the infrastructures and replacing the old diesel-operated water pumps with more modern, efficient and environmentally friendly solar pumps.

Solar energy

We have 400 megawatts (MW) of photovoltaic power plants across the globe, which produce electricity from limitless renewable energy.

Their production produces no emissions, operating costs are very low, and maintenance is simple.

We develop, run, operate and maintain the plants outside Spain through  Global Power Generation.

Planta Fotovoltaica Sobral I (Brasil)

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