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    • 18-05-2022 Press release

      Naturgy is investing 264 million euros in its first photovoltaic plant in the United States, the company's largest in the world

      Naturgy has started construction of its first renewable energy facility in the United States, the 7V Solar Ranch photovoltaic plant, in the state of Texas, which will have an installed capacity of 300 MWdc. The project investment will amount to 264 million euros. 
    • 12-05-2022 Press release

      Naturgy closes the first quarter with an Ebitda of €1.07 billion and a net profit of €354 million

      The company closed the first quarter with an ordinary net profit of €354 million and an Ebitda of €1.07 billion. The period has been marked by the recovery of international activity, while operations inside Spain continued to be under pressure on profit margins and there was a slight drop in demand.
    • 15-03-2022 Press release

      Naturgy GMS endorses annual results and ratifies changes to Board of Directors

      The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Naturgy, Francisco Reynés, chaired the company’s Ordinary General Shareholders' Meeting, which was held earlier today in Madrid in a hybrid format (in-person and online). The shareholders approved the Annual Accounts and the Management Report for 2021, in which the forecast results were met despite a volatile energy situation.
    • 10-02-2022 Press release

      Naturgy launches Gemini project, which will create two major listed groups, to boost its transformation and leadership in the energy transition

      The Board of Directors of Naturgy, at the proposal of the Management Committee, unanimously decided last week to give the green light to launch the Gemini project, which consists of a profound reorganisation of the company and represents a new step in its transformation process. The project aims at responding to the important changes that are taking place in the energy sector and that will mark its future.
    • 04-02-2022 Press release

      Naturgy closes FY21 having fulfilled its forecasts in a volatile energy scenario

      Naturgy closed the 2021 financial year with an EBITDA of 3,983 million euros, up 7.2% on the previous year. The company has fulfilled its EBITDA forecasts within a volatile energy scenario characterised by a gradual recovery in demand and a significant increase in the price of commodities, both electricity and gas, especially in the second half of the year.
    • 01-02-2022 Press release

      Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners announces partnership with Enagás, Naturgy, Fertiberia and Vestas to build a project for the large-scale production of green hydrogen and ammonia in Spain

      Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners develops the first phase of Project Catalina in partnership with Enagás, Naturgy, Fertiberia and Vestas. Project Catalina is a pioneering green hydrogen and green ammonia GW-scale project that aims to bring the abundant renewable resources of Aragon to the industrial consumption points on the Spanish Eastern coast through energy efficient and environmentally friendly infrastructure. Project Catalina intends to develop 5GW of combined wind and solar in Aragon (Spain) and produce green hydrogen through a 2GW electrolyser. Once fully implemented, Catalina will produce enough green hydrogen to supply 30% of Spain’s current hydrogen demand.
    • 17-11-2021 Press release

      Naturgy begins operating its second wind farm in Australia

      Through its international power generation subsidiary, Global Power Generation (GPG), Naturgy has begun to operate its second wind farm in Australia, Berrybank 1, with which it now operates a total of 270 MW in the country.
    • 10-11-2021 Press release

      Naturgy’s results up to September show recovery, although they fall short of the pre-pandemic levels of 2019

      Naturgy closed the third quarter of 2021 with a positive performance of its businesses and faces a year end marked by volatility in international gas markets and regulatory uncertainty. EBITDA reported in the period was 2.56 billion, in line with the results for the same period in 2020 and 17% lower than in 2019, without recovering pre-pandemic levels. Ordinary EBITDA was 2.99 billion, 6% higher than in 2020 and 6% lower than in 2019.
    • 23-09-2021 Press release

      Naturgy delivers the first Carbon Neutral LNG Cargo in Spain

      Naturgy delivered the first Carbon Neutral LNG cargo in Spain. This operation, a milestone for the country, reinforces the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance) commitment set out in its Strategic Plan 2021-25.
    • 28-07-2021 Press release

      Naturgy presents its strategic plan for the period to 2025 with investments of 14 billion to strengthen its role in the energy transition

      Naturgy has today presented to the market its Strategic Plan for the 2021–2025 period, in which the company will strengthen its role in the energy transition and decarbonisation. Through this plan, Naturgy has set out the main lines of industrial and financial action for the coming years in an energy context of profound transformation and after a year marked by a macroeconomic crisis that has greatly impacted the sector.
    • 28-07-2021 Press release

      1H21 Results

      The company closed the first half of the year with its business performing well, in a context of recovery, and now faces a new stage in its transformation with a focus on its commitment to the energy transition and growth in renewables and distribution networks, as well as the development of new energies.
    • 27-07-2021 Press release

      Naturgy closes the sale of its Chilean electricity network business following the successful completion of the tender offer launched by State Grid

      Naturgy has concluded the sale of its electricity network business in Chile to the state company State Grid International Development Limited (SGI), following the successful completion of the tender offer launched by State Grid, as a necessary and final step to complete the transaction.

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