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    • 30-11-2022 Press release

      NextFloat Project launches with the aim to pave the way for competitive and industrial deployment of floating wind

      A pan-European project officially launched on November 18th in Paris to accelerate the roll out of the next generation of floating wind technology for a competitive, more scalable and industrial deployment. The ambitious initiative is being led by a consortium of thirteen partners from eight countries including Technip Energies as project coordinator, X1Wind, Naturgy, 2B Energy, Hellenic Cables, Technical University of Denmark, Hydro, Ecole Centrale de Nantes, Schwartz Hautmont, Ocas, Tersan Shipyard, Ocean Ecostructures and Cybernetix.
    • 11-11-2022 Press release

      Ebitda surpassed EUR 3.5 billion in September, thanks to strong organic investments in an environment of maximum volatility

      Naturgy closed the third quarter of 2022 with sizeable organic investments that have boosted its EBITDA to EUR 3.5 billion to achieve a reported net income of EUR 1.06 billion, in an environment of persistently high volatility in international energy markets and high regulatory uncertainly. These results up to September incorporate the retroactive effects of the new purchase price agreement reached with Sonatrach last October. They also include the estimated impact of decoupling the final gas sales prices from their current TTF-indexed hedges.
    • 28-09-2022 Press release

      Spanish Minister for Industry, Trade and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, officially opens Naturgy’s first battery storage centre worldwide in Australia

      On Wednesday, the Spanish Minister for Industry, Trade and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, officially opened the first battery storage facility to be operated by the Naturgy power company anywhere in the world. During her visit, the minister was told about the cutting-edge technology used at this facility alongside Francisco Bustío, the Managing Director of Global Power Generation (GPG) - the international power generation subsidiary of Naturgy, and other members of the GPG team in the country. 
    • 01-09-2022 Press release

      Naturgy acquires its first hybrid PV solar and energy storage project in Australia

      Global Power Generation (GPG), a joint venture of Naturgy Energy Group, SA (75%) and the Kuwait Investment Authority (25%), has acquired the Cunderdin hybrid PV solar and energy storage project, with a circa 125 MWdc (100 MWac) solar PV capacity and a 55 MW / 220 MWh battery energy storage system.  The Project’s construction is expected to officially start in the last quarter of 2022, while the commercial operation is anticipated to commence in the first quarter of 2024.
    • 11-08-2022 Press release

      Naturgy posts ordinary EBITDA of 2.18 million euros

      The accounts filed by the company include the possible impact from the recent sentence imposed on the Chilean company Metrogas (in which Naturgy holds a 55.6% stake), a ruling that will be appealed. The most cautious estimate of that impact on consolidated net profit for Naturgy stands at 126 million euros.
    • 18-05-2022 Press release

      Naturgy is investing 264 million euros in its first photovoltaic plant in the United States, the company's largest in the world

      Naturgy has started construction of its first renewable energy facility in the United States, the 7V Solar Ranch photovoltaic plant, in the state of Texas, which will have an installed capacity of 300 MWdc. The project investment will amount to 264 million euros. 
    • 12-05-2022 Press release

      Naturgy closes the first quarter with an Ebitda of €1.07 billion and a net profit of €354 million

      The company closed the first quarter with an ordinary net profit of €354 million and an Ebitda of €1.07 billion. The period has been marked by the recovery of international activity, while operations inside Spain continued to be under pressure on profit margins and there was a slight drop in demand.
    • 15-03-2022 Press release

      Naturgy GMS endorses annual results and ratifies changes to Board of Directors

      The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Naturgy, Francisco Reynés, chaired the company’s Ordinary General Shareholders' Meeting, which was held earlier today in Madrid in a hybrid format (in-person and online). The shareholders approved the Annual Accounts and the Management Report for 2021, in which the forecast results were met despite a volatile energy situation.
    • 10-02-2022 Press release

      Naturgy launches Gemini project, which will create two major listed groups, to boost its transformation and leadership in the energy transition

      The Board of Directors of Naturgy, at the proposal of the Management Committee, unanimously decided last week to give the green light to launch the Gemini project, which consists of a profound reorganisation of the company and represents a new step in its transformation process. The project aims at responding to the important changes that are taking place in the energy sector and that will mark its future.
    • 04-02-2022 Press release

      Naturgy closes FY21 having fulfilled its forecasts in a volatile energy scenario

      Naturgy closed the 2021 financial year with an EBITDA of 3,983 million euros, up 7.2% on the previous year. The company has fulfilled its EBITDA forecasts within a volatile energy scenario characterised by a gradual recovery in demand and a significant increase in the price of commodities, both electricity and gas, especially in the second half of the year.
    • 01-02-2022 Press release

      Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners announces partnership with Enagás, Naturgy, Fertiberia and Vestas to build a project for the large-scale production of green hydrogen and ammonia in Spain

      Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners develops the first phase of Project Catalina in partnership with Enagás, Naturgy, Fertiberia and Vestas. Project Catalina is a pioneering green hydrogen and green ammonia GW-scale project that aims to bring the abundant renewable resources of Aragon to the industrial consumption points on the Spanish Eastern coast through energy efficient and environmentally friendly infrastructure. Project Catalina intends to develop 5GW of combined wind and solar in Aragon (Spain) and produce green hydrogen through a 2GW electrolyser. Once fully implemented, Catalina will produce enough green hydrogen to supply 30% of Spain’s current hydrogen demand.
    • 17-11-2021 Press release

      Naturgy begins operating its second wind farm in Australia

      Through its international power generation subsidiary, Global Power Generation (GPG), Naturgy has begun to operate its second wind farm in Australia, Berrybank 1, with which it now operates a total of 270 MW in the country.

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