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    • 28-07-2020Press release

      Naturgy will offer its customers a 10% discount when they rent a car from

      Spain, Customers
      The partnership with, follows on from other alliances that Naturgy has recently announced with brands such as and Amazon, and reflects the company's commitment to provide its customers with value based solutions.
    • 20-05-2019Press release

      Naturgy launches Superpacks, the first offer in the energy sector to include energy and services

      Customers, Spain
      Today, Naturgy launched the Superpacks campaign making it the first example of combined packages sold in the energy sector. This means customers can choose “bespoke” packages, depending on their equipment repair and maintenance needs and their gas and electricity consumption, for a fixed monthly price for the entire package.
    • 17-04-2018Press release

      Nedgia provides its users with the digital application YoLeoGas Multidistribuidora to make gas meter reading easier

      Customers, Gas Business, Nedgia, Spain

      The gas subsidiary of Gas Natural Fenosa, NEDGIA, has provided its users with the mobile application YoLeoGas Multidistribuidora to make the gas meter reading process easier. This is a shared initiative between the main gas distribution companies in Spain (NEDGIA, Redexis Gas, Madrileña Red de Gas and Nortegas), who are increasingly committed to greater efficiency in processes and digitalisation, and have a firm dedication to customer service, providing their users with one single application to make gas meter reading easier.
    • 16-03-2018Press release

      Gas Natural Fenosa protects more than 30,000 people in vulnerable situations in the last year

      Customers, Naturgy Foundation

      In the first year of operation of its Vulnerability Plan, GAS NATURAL FENOSA guaranteed a supply to more than 30,000 families throughout Spain by means of measures such as payment in instalments, collaboration with social services for identifying vulnerable customers, and subsidised rate management. Thanks to the dedicated telephone number (900 724 900) set up by the company for assisting its customers in vulnerable situations, GAS NATURAL FENOSA attended 85,000 calls relating to possible cases of energy poverty.
    • 15-03-2018Press release

      Gas Natural Fenosa and Madrid City Hall come together to help those who are most vulnerable


      Today, Madrid City Hall’s Area for Equality, Social Rights and Employment and the GAS NATURAL FENOSA Foundation signed a collaboration agreement to establish a general framework for taking joint actions to fight energy poverty for families and to promote training and rehabilitating housing for a part of the population in a situation of vulnerability.
    • 14-03-2018Press release

      Gas Natural Fenosa launches specific campaign aimed at the unemployed and pensioners for them to receive the subsidised rate

      Spain, Customers

      GAS NATURAL FENOSA has launched a series of actions aimed at making it easier for its customers to receive the new subsidised rate, which came into force last October and which they can apply for until 10 April. The action plan designed by the power company includes initiatives aimed at certain groups considered to be especially sensitive in this regard, such as the unemployed and pensions, in order to make it easier for them to apply for the new Subsidised Rate.
    • 09-03-2018Press release

      Gas Natural Fenosa reinforces its customer service in Lugo with the opening of a new office

      Customers , Spain

      GAS NATURAL FENOSA is improving its customer service for residential customers and SMEs in the city of Lugo, with the opening of its first centre there at Calle Bolaño Rivadeneira, no. 1, bajo. The new office will be open to the public from Monday to Friday, from 9 am-3 pm and 4 pm-6 pm.
    • 28-02-2018Press release

      Gas Natural Fenosa opens its first customer service centre in Badajoz

      Spain, Customers

      GAS NATURAL FENOSA is improving its customer service for residential customers and SMEs in Badajoz with the opening of its first centre there at 2 Plaza de la Libertad The new office will be open to the public from Monday to Friday, between the hours of 9 am and 2 pm, and 4.30 and 7.30 pm.

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