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Vehicular natural gas

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    • 02-05-2019 Press release

      Naturgy opens the first public vehicular natural gas refuelling station in Mataró

      Spain, Vehicular natural gas
      Naturgy has opened the first public vehicular natural gas refuelling station in the city of Mataró. It is located in the Les Hortes industrial park, strategically located close to dealerships of the leading brands that market vehicles powered by CNG and companies with large fleets.
    • 22-03-2019 Press release

      Naturgy and Vallibria sign agreement to open first public dual CNG and LNG gas refuelling station in Galicia

      SpainVehicular natural gasLNG

      The Mobility Projects Director of Naturgy, Alfonso del Río and the Vallibria refuelling station manager, Adolfo Pérez Díaz, signed an agreement this morning to build the first public dual liquefied natural gas and compressed natural gas (LNG/CNG) station in Galicia.
    • 29-01-2019 Press release

      Naturgy officially opens its public vehicular natural gas refuelling station in Toledo

      Spain Vehicular natural gas
      The Mayor of Toledo, Milagros Tolón, the Local Councillor for Economic Affairs, Enterprise and Employment, Patricia Franco, and the Director-General for Industry, Energy and Mines, José Luis Cabezas, attended the opening ceremony held earlier today for this new natural gas refuelling station.
    • 26-09-2018 Press release

      Naturgy and Fiat Professional have joined forces to drive the development of sustainable mobility

      CSR,  CorporateVehicular natural gas

      The Director of Mobility Projects at Naturgy, Alfonso del Río, and the Brand Country Manager at Fiat Professional, Raffele Brustia, signed a strategic agreement between the two companies earlier today aimed at promoting joint innovation projects and spreading the use of natural gas in the Spanish mobility sector.

    • 12-06-2018 Press release

      Nedgia Castilla y León and Ente Regional de la Energía (EREN) open the first vehicular natural gas refuelling station for internal use in Leon

      Spain,  Nedgia,  Vehicular natural gas

      The Director-General of Energy and Mines of the Regional Government of Castile and Leon, Ricardo González Mantero, and the General Manager of NEDGIA Castilla y León, Juan Antonio Pazos Arranz, officially opened the first compressed natural gas refuelling station for internal use in Leon earlier this morning. 

    • 12-06-2018 Press release

      General Assembly of ECO-GATE agrees on innovative solutions to be implemented at 21 gas refuelling stations in four countries

      Nedgia, Vehicular natural gasSpain

      The General Assembly of ECO-GATE agreed on specific innovative solutions that it will develop and implement at the 21 gas refuelling stations to be opened in Spain, France, Portugal and Germany under the European global action plan to develop sustainable mobility, an initiative being led by NEDGIA – the natural gas distribution company of the Gas Natural Fenosa group.

    • 07-06-2018 Press release

      Replacing 13% of vehicles in Madrid and Barcelona with natural gas cars will avoid 50,000 tonnes of emissions per year

      Naturgy Foundation Vehicular natural gas

      The GAS NATURAL FENOSA Foundation presented  ‘La calidad del aire en las ciudades. Un reto mundial’ yesterday, a publication that analyses the causes and consequences of poor air quality and suggests improvement plans and ways to deal with the problem.

    • 30-05-2018 Press release

      Gas Natural Fenosa completes 70% of the Paris/Algeciras gas refuelling corridor for road transport

      Spain, Vehicular natural gas, LNG

      GAS NATURAL FENOSA has managed to complete 70% of the Atlantic Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Corridor linking Paris and Algeciras via nine refuelling points, which is aimed at supporting the widespread roll-out of this fuel for road transportation.
    • 13-04-2018 Press release

      Gas Natural Fenosa and Paso Honroso sign agreement to open the first public CNG service station for the distribution network in Castile-Leon

      Spain, Vehicular natural gas

      The Central-North Zone Delegate for the Commercialisation of Energy Solutions at Gas Natural Servicios and the Managing Director of Paso Honroso signed a contract this morning to build the first public compressed natural gas service station for the distribution network in Castile-Leon.

    • 22-03-2018 Press release

      Gas Natural Fenosa promotes sustainable mobility and renewable energy at the second edition of the Galicia Energy Fair

      Spain, Corporate, Vehicular natural gas

      GAS NATURAL FENOSA takes part in the second Galicia Energy Fair, a meeting point and platform for technical and social dissemination about all types of energy. The fair will be held from today in Silleda (Pontevedra) until Saturday 24 March. The main themes of the fair are renewable energy, bioenergy and alternative fuels for the transport and farming industries, as well as sustainable mobility.
    • 12-03-2018 Press release

      Gas Natural Fenosa to double its stations with natural gas as fuel for vehicles in 2018

      SpainVehicular natural gas

      GAS NATURAL FENOSA will increase its number of CNG vehicle refuelling stations in Spain. The energy company plans to open 50 supply points in the country, in a number of cities including Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Valencia, Zaragoza, Seville, Málaga, Murcia, Alicante, Córdoba, Valladolid, Vigo, Gijón, La Coruña and Santander.
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