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Naturgy Energy Group, S.A. obtained its first rating in February 1999.

The ratings currently in force include:

Agency Long term Short term Forecast
S&P BBB A-2 Negative
Fitch BBB F2 Stable

Warning: These ratings may be revised, suspended or withdrawn by the ratings agency at any time.

The rating evolution in recent years is described below:
  Long term Forecast Review date
S&P BBB Negative 17/02/2021
BBB Stable 13/05/2020
BBB Stable 23/03/2019
BBB Stable 18/07/2018
BBB Stable 16/03/2018
BBB Stable 07/12/2017
BBB Stable 07/08/2017
  Long term Forecast Review date
Fitch BBB Stable 28/07/2020
BBB Stable 28/01/2020
BBB RWN 29/07/2019
BBB Stable 01/08/2018
BBB+ Negative 31/10/2017
BBB+ Negative 02/08/2016
BBB+ Stable 07/08/2015

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