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    • 28-04-2021 Press release

      Naturgy improves its net income thanks to its adaptability

      Naturgy closed the first quarter of 2021 having made significant progress in its commitments to long-term value creation for all its stakeholders and risk profile reduction. The company continued to actively manage all its businesses during the period, finalised an agreement to settle disputes amicably in Egypt and took decisive steps towards concluding the sale of its electricity distribution business in Chile, scheduled for the second quarter of this year. Naturgy also maintained its drive to improve its position in the international renewable energy market; January saw it conclude its operations to enter the US market by purchasing a portfolio of projects in the initial development phase.
    • 09-03-2021 Press release

      The General Shareholders’ Meeting of Naturgy endorses the company’s commitment to Energy Transition

      International, Corporate, General Shareholders’ Meeting

      Naturgy Chairman and CEO, Francisco Reynés, chaired the company’s Ordinary General Shareholders’ Meeting, held today in Madrid online as a result of mobility restrictions and to maintain safety due to Covid-19. Shareholders approved the company’s results and management report for 2020, as well as a complementary dividend of €0.63/share, which will be paid on 17 March.
    • 02-03-2021 Press release

      EIT InnoEnergy, Naturgy, Enagás Emprende, CRH and PRIO are promoting the 6th edition of Cleantech Camp


      Cleantech Camp, the programme that focuses on accelerating the energy transition in Europe, is celebrating this year its 6th edition. Throughout the month of March, startups that are developing projects related to clean energy will be able to submit their applications to enter into a selection process that will allow up to 15 emerging companies from different European countries to participate in the programme between the months of April and July. The programme is promoted by EIT InnoEnergy, Naturgy, Enagás Emprende, CRH and PRIO, in collaboration with Barcelona Activa (Local Partner) and Bridge the Gap, Osborne & Clarke and ZBM Patents & Trademarks. 
    • 24-02-2021 Press release

      Aigües de Barcelona, CaixaBank, Naturgy, SEAT and Telefónica choose 6 startups to launch new innovation projects


      Start4big, la primera iniciativa europea de innovación abierta multisectorial impulsada por Aigües de Barcelona, CaixaBank, Naturgy, SEAT y Telefónica, ha seleccionado las start-ups ganadoras de su segunda ola de innovación. En total son seis de las 192 propuestas presentadas las que han llegado a esta fase final, en la que podrán poner en marcha diferentes proyectos piloto con alguna de las grandes empresas impulsoras de la iniciativa. Las ganadoras son Validated ID, Mobbeel, Innovae, Solum, Urban Air Purifier y Climate Trade.  
    • 18-02-2021 Press release

      Naturgy signs an agreement with Gestamp to supply green energy in Spain

      Spain, Renewables

      Naturgy has signed an agreement with Gestamp in order to secure the consumption of renewable energy in Spain. The agreement will ensure that from 2022 onwards, all the Group´s productive facilities and R&D centers in Spain will operate with 100% renewable energy.
    • 09-02-2021 Press release

      Naturgy is promoting sustainable mobility by building its first 38 hydrogen fuel stations in Spain

      Spain, Renewables

      Naturgy has presented the Spanish government’s Ministry of Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge, Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism and Ministry of Science and Innovation with a project to build 38 hydrogen fuel stations at a national level with the aim of providing a hydrogen-refuelling service in the urban-to-interurban environment and thereby boosting sustainable mobility in the Iberian Peninsula. The total infrastructure to be developed during the second stage will come to 120 hydrogen fuel stations.
    • 04-02-2021 Press release

      Naturgy meets its FY2020 EBITDA forecasts, despite the complicated scenario and the impact of COVID-19

      Corporate, Financial

      Naturgy has closed FY20 in a stronger position to take on the energy transition and having made significant progress towards its financial, operational, and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) commitments. All of the above has been achieved in a financial year marked by the economic and social impacts of the pandemic and an adverse energy scenario, with a generalised drop in energy demand.
    • 01-02-2021 Press release

      Naturgy and Enagás are studying the production of green hydrogen from 350 MW of wind power in Asturias

      Spain, Renewables

      Naturgy and Enagás are studying the production of green hydrogen from a 250-MW floating offshore wind farm and another 100-MW onshore wind farm in Asturias for industrial consumption in this Autonomous Region. The project is a candidate Important Project of Common European Interest (IPCEI) and makes it possible to generate green hydrogen using local energy resources for added value.
    • 14-01-2021 Press release

      Naturgy enters the United States with the purchase of a renewable company specialized in solar and energy storage

      International, Corporate, Renewables

      Naturgy has acquired 100% of the economic interests in Hamel Renewables, a solar and energy storage development platform in the United States. The transaction represents Naturgy’s first investment in the US renewable energy market and demonstrates the company's firm commitment to developing its renewables portfolio internationally, focusing on stable geographies and early stage of development projects.
    • 11-12-2020 Press release

      Naturgy signs long-term energy sales contract to build a 97 MW wind farm Hawkesdale Victoria, Australia

      International, Renewables

      Global Power Generation (GPG), a joint venture of Naturgy Energy Group, SA (75%) and the Kuwait Investment Authority (25%), has been awarded the contract to build a 97 MW wind farm located at Hawkesdale in Victoria, approximately 270 km from Melbourne, Australia.
    • 01-12-2020 Press release

      Naturgy agrees to sell its stake in Damietta, rescind its Egyptian gas contracts and depart from Unión Fenosa Gas (UFG)

      International, Corporate

      Naturgy, ENI and the Arab Republic of Egypt have reached a new agreement to amicably resolve the disputes affecting Unión Fenosa Gas (UFG), a 50%/50% joint venture between Naturgy and ENI. The parties have signed an agreement whereby Naturgy will receive a series of cash payments adding up to approximately US$0.6 bn, as well as most of the assets outside of Egypt, excluding UFG’s commercial activities in Spain.
    • 18-11-2020 Press release

      Cogeneration plants need renewal plan to maintain their contribution to decarbonisation targets and industry competitiveness

      Corporate, Naturgy Foundation, Generation, Enviroment and Sustainability

      Cogeneration plants prevent approximately four million tonnes of CO2 emissions per year, thereby contributing to economic decarbonisation under the European Green Deal. It is therefore necessary to develop plans that incentivise the renewal of existing facilities. This claim is made by the authors of a report entitled “Natural gas in industry” from Lonjas Tecnología, S.A., a global energy sector company specialised in the engineering and construction of cogeneration and renewable energy facilities.
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