We support and encourage art and culture




We maintain a working commitment to society that goes beyond its business activities and that involves an extensive range of
sponsorship and patronage projects. The resources allocated to cultural, social, energy and environmental programmes are focused on projects that generate the greatest value for society while at the same time enabling the company to strengthen its commitment to becoming positively integrated into each community and country where it operates.

With people

We contribute to the development and wellbeing of the internal and external communities we deal with. We focus our efforts on fostering a quality working environment based on respect, diversity, and personal and professional development.

With culture

Our efforts in the field of cultural sponsorship are aimed at fostering and promoting music, art and film, as well as university activity. Other actions undertaken include support for education and professional training. We sponsor the music programmes and arts seasons of various institutions throughout the country.

With the environment

We collaborate with institutions to improve environmental conservation, focusing on areas such as Energy Efficiency, Sustainability and Research. Our commitment to the environment and the wellbeing of people has led to a commitment to innovation, the development of clean and renewable energy projects, and the encouragement of biodiversity and renewable energies.


If you have a partnership proposal, get in touch with us using the sponsorship request form.

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