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Fostering biodiversity

area around the Bolarque Hydropower Plant
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    We took part in the 8th edition of “ESG Spain 2020: Corporate Sustainability Forum” run by this organisation, a leader in terms of sustainability and corporate social responsibility.
  • Logo Conama
    An independent, non-profit, Spanish foundation that promotes open dialogue to encourage sustainable development in Spain and Ibero-America.
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    Group for the Rehabilitation of Local Fauna and its Habitat (GREFA)  
    This organisation is dedicated to maintaining and developing work in a variety of areas, such as the recovery and rehabilitation of fauna, the breeding of threatened species in captivity, the conservation of natural species and environmental education and awareness-raising.
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    Oso Pardo Foundation
    The Foundation’s work includes conserving and restoring habitats, monitoring the bear population, research applied to management, combating poaching and environmental training and education. More specifically, Naturgy supports the LIFE Bear Courel project

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