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Research and knowledge

Team working
We see research, development and innovation as key areas in its collaboration with others. Along those lines, the company works, inter alia, with the following entities:
  • Andalusian technological corporation logo
    Technology Corporation of Andalusia (CTA) 
    The company is a trustee of the CTA, the aim of which is to boost collaboration between science and production in order to respond to the R&D needs of Andalusian society.
  • riojana foundation logo
    La Rioja Foundation for Innovation 
    We are on the Board of Trustees of the La Rioja Foundation for Innovation, the aim of which is to promote and encourage research, development and innovation in La Rioja.
  • valladolid city council
    Science Museum of Valladolid  
    We collaborate with the Science Museum of Valladolid with an energy-themed space, the aim of which is to provide information and knowledge on this subject.

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