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Committed to long-term value creation and sustainable management

We focus on building trusting, stable, solid and mutually beneficial relationships with our stakeholders 

Our commitment to long-term value creation and sustainable management takes form in our Corporate Responsibility Policy. This document establishes a common action framework that orientates the company's socially responsible behaviour and was updated and approved by the Board of Directors in January 2019, in line with international best practices and the recommendations of the Good Governance Code of Listed Companies.

We have established a common socially
responsible action framework

We have made eight commitments
to our stakeholders


Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainability indexes

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Partnerships and memberships 

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Management of the corporate reputation

We measure our reputation with the general public using our own study tools, producing positive and stable results.


We are assessed by the international corporate reputation monitor MERCO, which integrates the perception of eight influential groups of opinion leaders from the business world:
Good positioning in the assessment of financial analysts and economics journalists.


22nd in the general business ranking and the best reputation in Spain, and 3rd best reputation in its sector.

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Español - Política de Responsabilidad Corporativa (269 KB)

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English - Corporate Responsibility Policy (272 KB)

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