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For us, Corporate Responsibility comprises the actions taken to establish trusting, stable, solid and mutually beneficial relationships with our stakeholders and the regions where we operate.
 Our Corporate Responsibility Policy establishes a common framework for action that steers the socially responsible conduct of the company.

 The main goal of this policy is to establish the action principles and commitments made to its stakeholders, in line with the company’s corporate strategy.

 To define the responsibilities and specific oversight instruments for ensuring compliance with its policy.

 In accordance with the recommendations of the Code of Good Governance for Listed Companies approved by the Board of Directors.

 Our Corporate Responsibility Policy contains the eight commitments accepted by the company in this area.

Our 8 Commitments


Results Report

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Health and safety

Responsible supply chain

Social commitment

Integrity and transparency

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    Informes de Responsabilidad Corporativa 

    Our performance in social, environmental and good governance issues has enabled us to take leading positions in the main sustainability indices.

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    Sustainability indexes

    Our efforts in the field of sustainability and transparent information, and our progress in actions in these areas are acknowledged by our presence in these indexes.

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    Partnerships and memberships

    The policies and codes of conduct regarding social, environmental and corporate governance issues that form part of our strategy highlight the commitments we have acquired to our stakeholders.

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    Recognition received, such as inclusion in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) consecutively over the last 15 years, reflects our commitment to sustainability.

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