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Committed to long-term value creation and sustainable management

We focus on building trusting, stable, solid and mutually beneficial relationships with our stakeholders 

Our commitment to long-term value creation and sustainable management takes form in our Corporate Responsibility Policy. This document establishes a common action framework that orientates the company's socially responsible behaviour and was updated and approved by the Board of Directors in January 2019, in line with international best practices and the recommendations of the Good Governance Code of Listed Companies.

We have made eight commitments
to our stakeholders

We determine responsibilities and tools to ensure they are fulfilled

Our commitments to society

These eight commitments to our stakeholders are across the board and are present throughout our business process, based on the generation of economic, social and environmental wealth. Thanks to the positive results in each of the commitments, in 2020, and for yet another year, various internationally renowned bodies have acknowledged our management, not only for our excellent economic performance but in the social and environmental fields and with regard to our reputation, helping the company to stand out as a good place to invest and work in.
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Committed to the Sustainable Development Goals

We have analyzed each of the goals and rose to these universal challenges in two ways:

 Directly through initiatives, programmes and actions that help reach said target.  Indirectly through the impact generated by policies and practices in the countries in which it operates. 

We are committed to actively contributing to the overall achievement of the 17 goals but, through our business activity, it contributes directly to:
Guarantee universal access to affordable, reliable and modern energy, by increasing the use of renewable energy and encouraging efficiency

In 2020, we increased our installed capacity in renewable energy by 9% and actively worked to offer society and our clients alternative forms of energy that are environmentally friendly, such as renewable gas. 

Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable 

Actively work to offer products and services to our clients that contribute to improving energy efficiency and air quality in cities, making them healthier. 
Adopt urgent measures to combat climate change and its effects

In 2020, we prevented the emission of 129 MtCO2eq into the atmosphere.

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