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Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

The United Nations Organisation (UNO) presented the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in August 2015, establishing 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and 169 associated targets. Although they are mainly aimed at governments and authorities, companies have a fundamental role in their achievement.

At Naturgy, we are taking on these universal challenges to improve life in a sustainable manner and doing so in two ways:

 Directly through initiatives, programmes and actions that help reach said target.

 Indirectly based on initiatives, programmes and actions that facilitate the achievement of said goal or help reach said target through a third party, such as the Naturgy Foundation, for example.

The way we establish how we contribute to achieving these targets lies in our commitments and in sustainable innovation:



  Social commitment

We are committed to ending poverty, mainly through the Naturgy Foundation. We have established the Energy Rehabilitation Solidarity Fund and secured sufficient resources to reform the homes of as many vulnerable people as possible.
   Health and Safety Commitment

We are taking steps towards this objective by focusing on the health, safety and well-being of our employees, suppliers, contractors and subcontractors.
  Social commitment

We are dedicated to ensuring that everybody has access to a practical and high-quality education, which is why we have fine-tuned and expanded training on vehicular natural gas in vocational training centres.
  Interest in people

Diversity is one of our cultural pillars and creates an environment where we respect differences, listen and engage in dialogue to enrich our work and create a competitive advantage that will allow the company to grow and look to the future. Gender equality is one of the three pillars included in the company’s Integrated Diversity Plan, alongside age and disability.

  The environment

This aspect is part of our Corporate Responsibility Policy, and the matters mentioned regarding water consumption represent one of our key responsible environmental management indicators. Consequently, last year we reduced water consumption by 29% compared to 2017 levels.
  The environment

We are committed to the sustainable development of society by guaranteeing a supply of eco-friendly, safe and competitive energy. Our business model includes a strategy to drive renewable energies and natural gas, as they play an important role in achieving the climate change objectives of the Paris Agreement.

   Interest in people

Naturgy operates under a commitment to guarantee decent jobs in all the areas where we are present. To do so, we apply a Human Rights Policy that, among other principles, is aimed at eradicating child labour, facilitating freedom of association and offering decent employment. In addition, our Comprehensive Diversity Plan makes our commitment to equality a reality and involves people management initiatives related to three specific areas of action: gender, disability and age. Furthermore, workplace prevention and safety are key aspects in the daily management of the company, which are enshrined in the Health and Safety Plan.

As regards sustainable innovation, Naturgy maintains a commitment to industry and its infrastructures embodied in the creation of the Technology Watchdog and the Technology Centre, the creation of forums and newsletters, and participation in associations for technology innovation, among others.
  Interest in people

In addition to the actions carried out internally, such as the implementation of the Code of Ethics, the Gender Equality Policy and the Integrated Diversity Plan, the company undertakes negotiations with trade unions on the international stage regarding salaries, pension plans, the launch of equality plans and working conditions.

   The environment

Naturgy operates under a commitment to guaranteeing the prevention of pollution, and minimising and controlling environmental risks. The company makes investments aimed at reducing our natural gas emissions into the atmosphere and at minimising our environmental impact regarding the use of water, land and waste generation.
  The environment

At Naturgy we maintain a commitment to responsible consumption and production that goes beyond just meeting the legal requirements. We undertake actions to reduce the consumption of resources, water and energy. We also undertake educational activities with our stakeholders: environmental training to employees and awareness actions with suppliers and clients in this regard.

  Responsible supply chain

At Naturgy we operate under a commitment to sustainability in our supply chain. Besides fostering procurement from local suppliers, we promote compliance with the company’s code of ethics and policies throughout the supply chain and incorporate sustainability criteria into the assessment and management of suppliers, beyond mere regulatory compliance.
  The environment

Given that environmental management is key to achieving the goals of our Strategic Plan, the Global Environment Policy was approved in 2019. This document applies to all of the Group’s businesses worldwide and establishes the company’s voluntary commitment to play a key role in the energy transition towards a circular economy model that is low carbon and digital, by working on four strategic environmental core concepts: Environmental management and governance, climate change and energy transition, the circular economy and ecoefficiency, and natural capital and biodiversity

  The environment

When managing discharges, studies are conducted on the quality of water leaving the thermal power plants after being treated and the results from these analyses ensure that, as a company, we do not generate significant impacts on aquatic ecosystems. Furthermore, we build partnerships with third parties, especially conservation organisations and public authorities, in order to undertake actions in this regard, including the clean-up of coastal areas and the protection of marine species.
  The environment

Naturgy has a Sustainability Strategy in place. We undertake actions for the protection and conservation of natural species and spaces that go beyond the legal requirements, diagnostic studies of the environment surrounding our facilities and education and awareness activities with our stakeholders.
   Integrity and transparency

As regards integrity and transparency, Naturgy operates under a commitment to integrity, responsibility, transparency and non-violence. To that end, the internal mechanisms we have in place consist of the Code of Ethics, the Criminal Prevention Model, the Anti-fraud and Anti-corruption Policy and the Human Rights Policy.
   Social commitment

As regards the social commitment, Naturgy believes that partnerships are essential for fostering development. This commitment is embodied through ongoing economic contributions over time and the signing of agreements with various organisations and public authorities in the field of access to energy, support for education, the promotion of health and research, social action aimed at disadvantaged groups and the promotion of culture.
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