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People safety

Lines of action


Technological innovation for smart prevention

We are fully aware of the opportunities brought by new technologies and their impact on the ways we make decisions, innovate, collaborate, operate, learn and interact. We want to harness that potential and achieve smarter prevention capable of maintaining its goal to serve people.

Business Intelligence

We are engaged in several Business Intelligence projects applied to the issue of prevention. We wish to use these projects to enhance our ability to analyse information and make better decisions.

Kepler Project: prevention orientated innovation

The Kepler Project was set up in 2017, aimed at creating useful tools for all stakeholders. These tools are based on a process of innovation and creativity, and have been developed by the collaborative work of 53 members of four networks to design 15 work tools so far.

These networks are focused on new ways to work, knowledge from partner companies, digital issues and international transfer.

Implementation of these tools is allowing internal processes to be streamlined, thereby simplifying their management and enhancing efficiency. Furthermore, Kepler is allowing the results to reach all countries and groups easily and dynamically in order to improve the transfer of knowledge.

Integrated management

We have a general procedure that applies to the whole group, which sets guidelines and principles to be followed for the identification, assessment and control of occupational risks. We also have specific management mechanisms for effectively achieving our goal to reduce the number of accidents to a minimum.   


Management System

The company has an Occupational Health and Safety System Global Certification Plan in place, the aim of which is to achieve global certification under norma internacional OHSAS 18001. In order to ensure compliance with this plan, a series of multi-disciplinary work groups have been set up and receive advice from the Prevention Service.

As stated in the strategic lines of action of the Commitment, certification under health and safety standards will enable health and safety conditions to be made standard throughout the group.

Risk management and preventive action planning and control

We watch out for any potentially risky situation that could affect workers, suppliers, customers and communities or the safety of facilities, and communicate, assess and manage these situations immediately and effectively.

In this regard, we have mechanisms that allow for the assessment and management of risks, this being a constant learning process that seeks to prevent and mitigate their consequences.

Investigation of incidents and accidents, with early and effective detection

We investigate every incident or accident extensively in order to discover the causes leading to it and take the pertinent measures to avoid it happening again in the future. We apply preventative measures based on early detection and the establishment of barriers to avoid accidents or incidents; in other words, preventive mechanisms are put in place as soon as something comes to light in this regard.


We develop mechanisms aimed at guaranteeing that the level of safety at partner companies is the same as that of our own personnel; such as the impact plan established over the last few years, periodic health and safety evaluations, and strengthening activities in the field of risk prevention.

“Journey to road safety by partner companies”

In order to reduce the number of travel-related accidents, Naturgy offers material to its partner companies for engaging in weekly road safety conversations that make training in this area much easier. The method behind this project seeks to encourage reflection and increased awareness, to convey general road safety concepts and to compare experiences. 

The teaching that accompanies the material is based on the principles of communication, frequency, intensity and duration, aimed at achieving effective communication with the team, fostering increased awareness and team participation.

Participation in groups of interest within the field of occupational and industrial safety:
  • Spanish Electricity Industry Association (UNESA)
  • Spanish Gas Association (Sedigas)
  • Aenor’s technical standardisation committees for the Gas Sector (CTN60)
  • Aenor’s technical standardisation committees for the Fire Protection Sector (CTN23)
  • Professional Association of Engineers Against Fires (APICI)
  • National American Association for Fire Protection (NFPA)
  • Board of Directors for Cepreven
  • Chair of the National Association for Capital Goods and Industrial Safety (Bequinor)
  • Correspondence Member of the American Gas Association (AGA)
  • European Road Safety Charter Affiliate
  • Affiliate organisation of the “Visión Zero” initiative of The International Social Security Association (ISSA)

Conduct-based safety

Our Commitment to Health and Safety is understood in terms of preventive thought management and is geared towards the beliefs, attitudes and values maintained by people, seeking to generate a profound cultural change towards safety.

Networked working

We have adopted a cross-cutting working methodology based on collaborative working networks both within our organisation and outside of it, because we know that having everyone involved allows prevention to be correctly integrated into our systems.

Change management

Cultural change

Thanks to the major effort made by our company and our partner companies, we have made a cultural change that extends to all levels of our organisation, including our suppliers, customers and even their families. Our goal is to guarantee a safer, healthier environment, so now no company tolerates unsafe behaviour in their areas of action.

Knowledge transfer

In this regard, we work with public and private entitles of recognised standing to develop specific projects and form part of numerous bodies and associations. We have defined information mechanisms for our partner companies in order to spread our commitment to health and safety.


We constantly seek innovative ways to maintain safety awareness in our communication plan with employees, customers, partners and communities.
The main communication goals of the Commitment to Health and Safety are to strengthen this commitment and recognise the efforts made. These two communication goals are achieved by:

 Placing a focus on existing risks.

 Providing added value to the employee through participatory actions.

 Placing the spotlight on the employee through recognition.

The management of health and safety at the company requires a commitment from everyone who works at the company. For this reason, the group offers channels for the communication of information, queries and participation that allow awareness to be raised and a response to be given to their needs for information on health and safety.

Immersive learning

The training of each and every employee on preventing the occupational risks associated with their job constitutes the basic tool for achieving the goal to reduce the number of occupational accidents. In order to provide the right training, the company has created the Occupational Risk Prevention Classroom – a tool used by the Corporate University to meet the established objectives.

We combine this technical training with new training experiences in which we seek to create opportunities for people to build up their own learning in an active and effective manner by connecting with the most emotional aspects of their characters. Virtual reality and interactive theatre are fine examples of these real-life experiences.

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