We believe in service excellence, transparency and integrity.

How we interact with our clients


We are engaged with our surroundings and with responsibly managing our business activities. For this reason, we are committed to our results ensuring the stability and strength of the company, providing excellent service and working with an equally responsible supply chain. All our actions are based on values such as sustainability, integrity, transparency and equal opportunities.

Distributed economic value

€24,413 M

International average for the global service quality satisfaction index (scale of 1-10)

over 7,42 points

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Responsible supply chain

 We are committed to working with local service providers.

 We globally manage the material procurement process

 We work with officially approved suppliers and materials

 We audit and train our partners

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Service excellence

 The Customer Experience Programme puts the customer at the centre of our business.

 We offer a portfolio of products and services that adapts to the needs of users.

 We are committed to customer recommendation by offering them an excellent experience.

 We promote online services and apps to improve our customer service.


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Commitment to results
 We have a strong and stable business structure that allows us to be leaders.

 We are the largest integrated gas and electricity operator in Spain and Latin America.

 We are leaders in distribution and marketing on the Iberian Peninsula.

 We have established ourselves as world leaders in liquefied natural gas (LNG).

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Integrity and transparency

 We have a management model for our Code of Ethics and crime prevention.

 We develop anti-corruption and anti-fraud policies and plans for the company.

 We promote policies of compliance with tax obligations.

 We drive forward policies to guarantee human rights.


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