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Access to energy

We operate in areas where the energy supply does not reach the entire population. For us, it is a priority to serve the people who live in these areas. That is why we actively work to develop their distribution networks in order to offer them a secure supply.

Inclusive Integral Gasification Model (Argentina)

Argentina continues to develop an inclusive model to provide access to the gas network for residents in low-resource neighbourhoods.

 Together with the Pro-Vivienda Social Foundation (FPVS), the gas network has been extended to over a dozen neighbourhoods in Moreno Partido.

 28,000 people have benefited from this programme and have gained access to a cleaner energy.

 More than 134.5 kilometres of gas network have been built.

 Working with the national government on “Procrear” projects (Anses-Onabe and the Ministry of Planning).

Cuartel V Project
Worker and electricity pylon

Electricity agreements. Grupo CGE (Chile)

CGE is committed to bringing available, stable and safe energy from major cities to the most remote areas of Chile.

 The subsidiary Edelmag signed three agreements aimed at bringing electricity to remote parts of the country.
Thanks to these efforts, 134 families gained access to permanent and stable reliable energy.

 In 2016, 1,300 families in camps connected to the power grid regularly.

 CGE carried out five rural electrification projects in the Coquimbo region.

Access to energy for customers in a situation of vulnerability

We are sensitive to the various situations that make paying for a power supply difficult. For that reason, we provide a series of mechanisms to facilitate continuity of supply and protect vulnerable customers.

These mechanisms include payment by instalments in certain specific situations. These are the international energy access initiatives for our customers in a situation of vulnerability in such countries as Brazil, Mexico andMoldova:
  • Brazil

    There is a separate rate called the Tarifa Social that is a bit less expensive for low consumption segments and is applicable to families that can show, with specific documentation, that they are beneficiaries of federal government assistance programmes for low-income populations.
  • Mexico

    We offer payment by instalments to our customers through systematic home visit campaigns. Around 70,000 agreements are reached per year, in which the customer signs an agreement for payment by instalments with the quota system that will allow them to pay bills off gradually over a number of subsequent gas bills.


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