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In Argentina, we have helped to provide natural gas services to more than 28,000 people in Cuartel V, an economically deprived neighbourhood in the Province of Buenos Aires. Their homes have increased in value and their energy bills have gone down.

The experience has helped to reduce poverty, generate community development and has spread to other neighbourhoods with the support of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the Pro-Vivienda Social Foundation.

In the Cuartel V district of Buenos Aires, where 65% of the population live below the poverty line, Naturgy has helped to provide more than 20,000 people with access to cleaner, safer energy.

Because of its development contribution, the Cuartel V project has been awarded the prestigious Platts Award and has been studied by a number of universities and business schools.


  • Direct

     28,000 people, more than half the population, have benefited from the project.

     The percentage of income spent on energy bills has been reduced from 14% to 3%.

     Funding of the works in up to 84 payment instalments compared to the usual 36 for other customers.

     Jobs have been created by hiring residents of the neighbourhood to complete the works and intake.

     Access to a cleaner, safer source of energy, which includes heating systems.

     Increase in the value of homes and access to property.

     Development and strengthening of civic organisations in the neighbourhood.

     Arrival of other public service companies.
  • For the company

     Over 134 km of new network built up until 2016.

     Investment from the start of the project, over €880,000 from the start of the project.

     Identification and development of different financing alternatives that enable the development of the project to continue and speed up (participation of the FOMIN).

     These customers generate a turnover of approximately $300,000 per year.

     Due to its original approach to addressing infrastructure-related problems, Cuartel V has been used as a case study by different business schools (IAE, Universidad Di Tella, ESADE, University of San Diego, etc.).

     There is also a chapter on the project in the book “Business Solutions for the Global Poor”, published by Harvard University's Business School.

The residents of Cuartel V

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