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Thermal Power Plant in Nairobi, Kenya

We have been involved in the Kenyan power generation market since 1997 through the Nairobi South fuel plant, with an installed capacity of 109 MW.

Besides the management of the plant, we have a programme of actions with the community in the low-income neighbourhoods surrounding it, known as slums.

We continue collaborating with the surrounding neighbourhoods in executing the launched programmes. Collaboration between local authorities and neighbourhood committees was key to the success of the projects.

These programmes have continued to improve the local residents' view of us, who increasingly appreciate the importance of a clean environment.
Children from the Social Action projects in Kenya: book donations to Jobenfa School, a primary school located opposite the Thermal Power Plant in Nairobi, Kenya. Presentation of the secondary education scholarship to the two most outstanding students.

Programmes deriving from the project

Supporting education We offer university scholarships to students without resources, and donate books to cover courses in the upper grades. In 2017, eight students received these scholarships and 25 were able to get experience in the plant itself.
Healthcare campaigns We carried out campaigns centred on improving the health of employees and their families in the diagnosis and prevention of diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular diseases, as well as awareness-focused events and nutrition programmes.
All employees and some of their spouses participated in a health and well-being programme that included a comprehensive medical exam. A recognition and motivation system has been established, through which employees are encouraged to make suggestions to improve employee health and safety.
Environmental protection Conservation, cleaning and awareness raising, by planting trees, cleaning the slums around the plant and raising awareness of environmental protection and waste sorting. In 2017, we partnered with Kenya Forest Services for the third year in a row and planted approximately 1,500 trees. Since the start of this initiative, some 4,500 trees in total have been planted.
Promoting local art and culture We collaborate with the Spanish Speaking Association through an annual donation. We also collaborate on several charity events, through donations, including the Mater Heart Run, which helps children with heart disease and diabetes to walk in order to raise awareness about diabetes and provide free insulin to diabetic patients.
Donations for vulnerable people We have donated medical equipment to the children's cancer room at the Kenyatta Referral Hospital.

Heat energy

We have 2,320 megawatt (MW)  thermal power plants
 of thermal power plants around the world that produce electricity by burning coal and fuel.

In order to reduce the environmental impact of these plants and guarantee their safety and quality, we research solutions to capture and store the COthey emit and reduce the water consumption required for their operation.

Through  Global Power Generation
 we develop, undertake, operate, and maintain these power plants.
La Robla Thermal Power Plant (León)

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