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Wind Farm Construction Project in Bií-Hioxo (Mexico)

The Bií Hioxo Wind Farm is a 234 MW project in Juchitán de Zaragoza (Oaxaca State, Mexico). It began operating commercially in October 2014.

In keeping with our firm commitment to respect for human rights and specifically for traditional ways of life, we have worked consistently with the affected community —in addition to working on the project itself and which is in itself a wealth generator— by taking action to help improve the living conditions of the local inhabitants.

After identifying the needs of the community affected by the project, we are developing several programmes for different stakeholder groups based on different lines of action: healthcare, education, infrastructure, productive projects and the environment.
Children on horseback at the Bií-Hioxo Wind Farm (Mexico)

Programmes deriving from the project

Supporting fishermen It has helped the fishermen of the "Séptima Sección" (Seventh Section) by distributing vouchers which can then be exchanged for the materials of their choice related to their activity. 251 fishermen have benefited.
Supporting the fire brigade The fire brigade carries out terrific work in Juchitán and this year we have helped them with two external automatic defibrillators to revive the heartbeat in patients with cardiac arrest. The company has also financed the mechanical reparation of an ambulance and a fire engine to enable the brigade to provide services in the best conditions.
Collaboration with local Integral Family Development initiative To celebrate children’s day, on 30 April, Bií Hioxo provided the Integral Family Development System (DIF) 16 bicycles which were given out at events organised by the institution in administrative centres and local agencies.
Education Three Bií Hioxo collaborators participated as speakers in the Isthmus Technological Institute’s 2017 Second Electrical Engineering Regional Fair.
Furthermore, primary school students visited the wind farm for the first time. The 20 students from the Particular Nido de Sócrates primary school learnt how wind turbines and wind power work.
Improved relations with owners With the aim of maintaining close, clear and objective  relations with owners, as well as maintaining the project’s good reputation and show that local personnel and their representatives are open to listening and to dialogue with them, a lunch was organised on 10 May with the owners and their spouses.
A participative diagnostic was carried out from June to September, providing data for a new strategy that is closer and shows more interest in the people in Juchitán.
The environment 12 environmental education touring workshops were carried out in collaboration with the  Juchiteco Ecological Forum. Activities were directed at young people,  primary school students and secondary school adolescents. 420 young people participated.
The aim of the workshops was for information regarding the care and protection of the environment to reach a wider audience and for participants to apply measures where possible.

Wind energy

Our major energy commitment for the future is to EòlicaClean, inexhaustible and highly environmentally friendly energy is one of the most mature and extended technologies in the world that uses kinetic wind energy to generate power.
Through Global Power Generation, the company develops, constructs, operates and maintains wind farms in Spain, Mexico and other countries.

Bií-Hioxo Wind Farm (Mexico)

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