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Social commitment

Children with a scholarship in a training session
We are committed to the economic and social development of the regions in which we conduct our activity.

We contribute knowledge, management capability and creativity, and dedicate part of our profits to social investment.

Fluid and constant dialogue with society provides us with information on the expectations and interests of the communities in which we operate, enabling us to become involved in their development and offer a response that best suits their needs.
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Commitments and responsible action principles with society

Dialogue with the community

We want to guarantee fluid, two-way dialogue and involvement in local communities while respecting their culture, rules and environment so that appropriate and swift responses can be offered regarding their concerns. 

Social impact assessment

We conduct assessments on the social impact stemming from our activity in order to avoid or offset any adverse effects that may be generated and enhance the positive effects.

Creating shared value

We undertake initiatives within the framework of venture philanthropy to create shared value and positive social impact in energy projects.

Social investment

We foster the education, cultural wealth, health and inclusion of the most disadvantaged groups through social investment.


We transfer knowledge and values to society through partnership agreements with the academic community and use the necessary and/or existing mechanisms as a vehicle for transmitting levels of service quality to partner companies and suppliers.

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