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These are the commitments in our corporate responsibility policy.

 Service excellence
 commitment to results
 Environmental manager management
 Of interest to the people
 Health and safety
 Manager supply chain
 Social commitment
 Integrity and transparency

In accordance with the provisions laid down in its regulations and the recommendations of the Code of Good Governance, the Board of Directors is responsible for supervising actions carried out by the company in this area.
  • Board of Directors

     In accordance with its regulations, approval of our Corporate Responsibility Policy falls on the Board of Directors, which also receives information at least once a year on implementation and general oversight of this policy, and the performance of the Sustainability Plan every six months.

     Supervision of compliance with the policy ultimately falls on the Board of Directors, which has delegated this duty to the Appointments and Remuneration Committee.
     The Board of Directors is responsible for leading the effective integration of corporate responsibility into the company’s strategy, as well as its daily management, thus guaranteeing a sound corporate responsibility culture.
  • Executive departments and business units

    They are responsible for promoting diffusion and knowledge of, and compliance with the commitments of the policy, developing plans for such ends. They also define the actions to be followed for these plans, proposing quantitative and qualitative objectives for each of these actions and the associated monitoring indicators.
  • Administrators, executives and other staff

    They are obliged to learn about, understand and comply with the directives and commitments included in the Corporate Responsibility Policy.
    At our company we will promote and incentivise our suppliers and partner companies to adopt the principles of conduct defined in the policy.
  • Ethics and Compliance Committee

    It is aim This Committee, headed up by the Chief Compliance Officer (CCO), reports its actions to the Audit and Control Committee. 

    This currently consists of the senior managers of some of the units most directly involved in the matters included in the Code of Ethics. 

    The Audit Committee—at the level of the Board of Directors—receives regular reports from the Ethics and Compliance Committee, which address the most relevant matters relating to diffusion of and compliance with the Code of Ethics and the Anti-Corruption Policy.

    The functions of the Ethics and Compliance Committee in this matter include: 
    • Fostering communication and knowledge of the Code of Ethics
    • Interpreting the Code of Ethics and steer actions in case of doubt or conflict
    • Facilitating and managing a channel of communication for all employees, suppliers and partner companies

    Internationally, we have local committees in countries where the company has most activity. The main mission of these committees is to disseminate and communicate the Code of Ethics, as well as to reproduce in every country the functions that the Ethics and Compliance Committee carries out in Spain for the company’s entire area of activity. This means we can ensure the existence of safeguarding procedures in the different countries where we operate.


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