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Our Environment Policy

As stated in our Corporate Responsibility Policy, we are committed to promoting the sustainable development of society by guaranteeing a supply of environmentally-friendly, competitive and safe energy.

Due to our potential to help protect the environment, we voluntarily made a commitment to become a key player in the energy transition towards a circular economy, low-carbon and digital model.


Our strategic priorities

Environmental management and governance


Climate change and energy management


Circular economy and eco-efficiency


Natural capital and biodiversity 


 Environmental management and governance


 To guarantee compliance with environmental legislation and more demanding voluntary requirements; anticipating adaptation to new regulations as far as possible.

  To prevent pollution and reduce environmental impacts throughout the value chain by encouraging the involvement of employees, partner companies and stakeholders.

To integrate the environment into risk and opportunity management, as well as into mergers and asset acquisitions by conducting environmental due diligence processes.

To set targets that foster ongoing improvement in environmental performance.

To have an externally audited and certified environmental management system based on the criteria of the global Integrated Management System Policy.

 To foster transparency, in line with international reporting standards, to facilitate communication with our stakeholders.

 To support the spread of knowledge and raising awareness about energy and the environment, and encouraging constructive dialogue with public authorities, NGOs, universities, customers and other stakeholders  .


How we do it


 Our commitments


 To promote renewable energies, natural gas and energy saving and efficiency as key components of a low-carbon model.

​​ To offer solutions for cities and road and maritime transport capable of reducing emissions and improving air quality.

To innovate in technologies and business models capable of helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

 To back international climate change negotiations and the market mechanisms capable of fostering the development of more suitable technologies at each stage of the energy transition.


 Circular economy and eco-efficiency


 To promote the circular economy by using resources efficiently (energy, water, etc.) and the management of waste to reduce the environmental impacts on our surroundings.

  To promote renewable gas as an energy and storage vector capable of facilitating the transition to a circular economy and low-carbon model


How we do it


  Natural capital and biodiversity


 Guarantees To respect the natural capital, biodiversity and cultural heritage of the environments in which the group operates.

  To advance towards no net loss of biodiversity, with a preventive approach (impact mitigation hierarchy), implementing best practices and encouraging the creation of natural capital.


How we do it



Environmental reports

We publish various environmental reports to communicate the parameters and indicators of environmental management and the various actions carried out by the company to make sustainable development possible.  

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