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Circular economy and eco-efficiency


To optimise consumption and enhance resource recycling

 To streamline the consumption of raw materials. 

 To reduce waste generation and promote its transformation into by-products 

 Management To contribute to the development of circular economy regulations. 

 To determine impact and performance. 



  • Naturgy

    Streamlining the consumption of raw materials 

    Innovative, safer and environmentally sustainable method consisting of the use of trenchers capable of cutting narrower and cleaner vertical-cut trenches than traditional equipment during pipe-laying work for a gas network. 

  • Naturgy
    Wind power
    Clean and renewable energy

    Wind power, as a clean, renewable and low environmental impact technology, is part of the circular economy solution, understood as the circular flow of resource-product-recycled resources aimed at reducing both the use of raw materials and waste generation.

  • Renewable gas installation
    Renewable Gas
    Renewable natural gas

    The initial product from renewable natural gas is biogas (producer gas), which is put through a separation process to remove inert substances (basically CO2) and achieve high methane concentrations. Naturgy is engaged in the Renewable Gas Mixed Unit, Power to Biomethane Metamorphosis, Arazuri and Smart Green Gas projects. 

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