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Natural capital and biodiversity


Minimising the effects on ecosystems and promoting natural capital 

 Reducing and offsetting our impacts and enhancing the value of natural surroundings.  

 Determining our impact on natural capital. 

 Determining impact and performance.



Access our map of biodiversity initiatives in all the countries where we operate.


  • lake meirama

    Lake Meirama

    A new lake has been created during the environmental restoration of the Meirama mine, with work done on a total area of 1,000 ha. Almost half a million trees were planted and a space of enormous natural value was created that can also provide quality fresh water to more than 400,000 people. 

  • Grefa


    In 2016, we signed an agreement with GREFA to restore disused power sheds and provide breeding grounds and habitats for various wildlife species. 


  • volunteer programme

    Environmental volunteering

    Since 2014, volunteers from the company have been carrying out actions aimed at improving the environments where we operate. 



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