Natural capital and biodiversity

We have developed the concept of our environmental management towards a focus based on valuing natural capital; in other words, the renewable and non-renewable natural assets available in nature (plants, minerals, animals, air, oil, oxygen, water, etc.), as well as identifying and valuing the relationships and impacts (negative and positive) of our actions.  

In order to demonstrate this commitment, we have joined the Biodiversity Agreement, which recognises that conserving biological diversity is in the interest of all humanity, given its importance for life on earth, the well-being of society and economic development. 


Minimising the effects on ecosystems and promoting natural capital 

 Reducing and offsetting our impacts and enhancing the value of natural surroundings.  

 Determining our impact on natural capital. 

 Determining impact and performance.



  • Biodiversity initiatives

    Access our map of biodiversity initiatives in all the countries where we operate.

  • volunteer programme

    Environmental volunteering

    Since 2014, volunteers from the company have been carrying out actions aimed at improving the environments where we operate. 

  • lake meirama

    Lake Meirama

    Transforming the former opencast lignite mine into a man-made lake has created a large protected biodiversity space. 

  • Grefa


    In 2016, we signed an agreement with GREFA to restore disused power sheds and provide breeding grounds and habitats for various wildlife species. 

  • nature

    Environmental monitoring and assessment

    The company conducts environmental studies on new facility projects to prevent or minimise any potential adverse effects they may have.


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