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Environmental monitoring and assessment

environmental impact studies

We conduct environmental studies on new facility projects to prevent or minimise any potential adverse effects they may have. Public participation in the process to approve these projects is guaranteed under the legislation of each country in which the company operates.

The Environmental Impact Studies (EIS) concluded in 2017 include:   

 Environmental Impact Assessment and Social Impact Assessment on the Water Treatment Plant for repowering the Tuxpan Combined-cycle Power Plant (Mexico).

 Environmental and archaeological work at photovoltaic power plants and wind farms owned by Naturgy Renovables in Spain.

 Environmental Impact Assessment on the Río San Juan Hydropower Plant in Colombia.

 Environmental Impact Assessment on storage of the surplus power from the Vega Wind Farm in Spain.
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Environmental monitoring plans are implemented at all facilities in order to comply with the measures proposed in the environmental impact study and meet the requirement to or appropriateness of applying new measures to prevent unforeseen impacts from being generated or to correct potential effects that have not been considered. The information obtained from the application of each programme is communicated to the competent authority.

Environmental monitoring of works took place on those projects currently at the construction stage in order to control the potential negative impacts and verify the inclusion and effectiveness of preventive and corrective measures of an environmental nature. 
Support was also provided to installations currently in operation:

 Environmental oversight of the decommissioning of the Sabón Thermal Power Plant in Galicia.

 Environmental oversight of the Getafe-Usera Gas Pipeline.

 Oversight of the Environmental Protection Plan for five LNG plants in Peru.


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