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The growing pressure on water resources, as well as the irregularity in its distribution and availability, can jeopardise present and future guarantees over access to water in sufficient quantity and quality for the population and ecosystems. 

Consciente del papel fundamental que juega el agua en nuestras actividades, y en nuestro constante compromiso con el entorno y con la gestión eficiente de los recursos naturales, desde la Compañía iniciamos hace tiempo la puesta en práctica de políticas y medidas encaminadas al mayor conocimiento y a la mejora en la gestión del recurso hídrico en nuestras instalaciones.


To promote the efficient and responsible use of water

 To streamline consumption and reduce water waste.

To encourage sustainable water use by our stakeholders.

 To incorporate water in decision-making processes.

 To determine impact and performance.



  • graph showing the water risk analysis

    Risk analysis
    Qualitative water risk analysis bearing in mind resource availability (water stress), resource quality, regulatory changes, extreme weather conditions and reputation risks.
  • suppliers map
    Identification of suppliers

    Identification of the top-50 suppliers with the greatest repercussion on water resources due to their activity or products for the company.
  • hydropower plant


    Internal and external benchmark of the Best Available Techniques and best practices in environmental management (MTD).
  • Participation in CDP Water 2016
    Participation in CDP Water 2016
    Participation in CDP Water 2016 as a voluntary initiative in the field of water.

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