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Our commitment to society goes beyond our business operations

We are committed to the economic and social development of the regions where we operate

We maintain a working commitment to society that goes much further than our business operations, and which we materialise in the resources dedicated to social, cultural, energy, and environmental programmes. These financial contributions strengthen the commitment we have made to positively integrate into each community and country where we carry out our business activity.
Priority lines

 Priority lines

    Sponsorship and patronage
     Social action, volunteering and employee participation
     Community relations and social impact
   Energy vulnerability
     Fair energy transition
Naturgy’s principles


    Dialogue with the community
    Social impact assessment
    Creation of shared value
    Social investment

The Naturgy Foundation

Naturgy Foundation

The Naturgy Foundation is a non-profit institution founded by Naturgy in 1992 that seeks to train and raise society's awareness of sustainability, energy and the environment.

It carries out social programmes to reduce the effects of energy vulnerability and promotes technical, educational and informative activities to understand the environmental challenges facing the planet and encourage society to take action.

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Energy vulnerability

We have always been aware of the issue of energy poverty and the difficult situations experienced by our customers. That is why we offer easier payment methods and develop the systems needed for fast and flexible prioritisation of customers in a situation of vulnerability.

We currently have agreements in place with various public authorities throughout Spain – especially regional governments – that allow vulnerable customers to be protected.

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Community relations

As part of our Human Rights Policy, we have made a steadfast commitment to respect local communities. In order to fulfil this undertaking, it is key to assess the social risk that our activities could have on the affected communities and help improve their living conditionsWe have a system based on the World Business Council for Sustainable Development’s (WBCSD) Measuring Impact Framework Methodology, which aims to help define initiatives and programmes to effectively manage the social impacts associated with the company’s activity.


Our principles Our principles           

Our projects


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Corporate volunteering

We structure the corporate volunteering programme into three areas: energy, social and environmental. During 2020, 418 employees from Spain, Mexico, Panama and Morocco, and their companions, dedicated over 6,727 hours to corporate volunteering. 

Overall, there were 30 isolated, temporary or continuous initiatives, 14 social volunteering actions, 8 environmental volunteering actions and 8 energy volunteering actions with the participation of 786 volunteers.  In 2020 the number of beneficiaries reached 14,451 people.


Community and Sponsorship

We maintain a working commitment to society that goes beyond our business activities and involves an extensive range of sponsorship and patronage projects. 

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