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Community relations

Within the framework of our Human Rights Policy, we have taken on a firm commitment regarding local communities.

The assessment of the social impact that our activities may have on affected communities and contributions towards improving their living conditions are key to meeting this commitment.

We use a system based on the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)'s “Measuring Impact” methodology to help define initiatives and programmes to effectively manage social impact associated with the company's activity.

At present, we prioritise social impact assessments in those locations where we want to take on new investment projects. Numerous impacts are measured in these assessments, including the impact on human rights.
Woman and girl in wind farm
Some of our projects.
  • Children in the Social Impact Programme in Bujagali, Uganda. Children at the school.

    Berry Bank wind farm (Australia)

    We have a social commitment plan and share the benefits with the local community surrounding the renewable energy farm, linked to the contract with the government of the state of Victoria.

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  • Worker at the Bií-Hioxo wind farm (Mexico)

    -Bií-Hioxo Wind Farm (Mexico)

    In accordance with our steadfast commitment to respect human rights and traditional ways of life, we constantly collaborate with this local community through programmes that meet their needs and help improve their living conditions.

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  • Pupils of the educational social action plan in Brazil

    Sobral I Photovoltaic Power Plant (Brazil)

    We have continued to implement the Quilombola Basic Environmental Project with the aim of creating shared value and having a positive social impact in this territory.

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