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Día solidario

Día Solidario is a non-profit association that is officially registered in the Spanish Register of Associations. Set up in 1997 by our employees, it is a social organisation aimed at fostering education for children and young people, as well as improving the living conditions of the most disadvantaged communities in the countries where we operate.
Management and administration of the association falls on its Governing Council, which is made up by company employees acting in a voluntary and altruistic fashion. The Governing Council receives advice and support from many other professionals at the company, who voluntarily give their time and knowledge in the fields of taxation, internal auditing, economic-administrative affairs and communication. It also works with volunteers at the various companies of our group who take responsibility for communicating the goals of the initiative and encouraging more people to take part. Furthermore, Dia Solidario receives voluntary support in each country from employees who manage the contributions from local partners and oversee the projects.
Two girls from the Día Solidario project in Morocco
  • The Board

    At present, the Governing Council is made up of the following people:

    Ester Sevilla - Chair
    Carlos Arranz - Vice president

    Lola Devoto - Secretary
    Daniel de Miguel - Treasurer
    Noelia López - Member
    Mónica Emmer - Member
    Nohemi Morales - Member
    Carolina Torres - Member
    Cristina López - Member
    Javier Fernández - Member
    Aurelio Buendía - Member
    Benito Vega - Member
  • Funding

    The activities undertaken by Día Solidario are financed by contributions from our employees around the world (who voluntarily donate one day’s-worth of their annual salary) and contributions from companies in the group (which match the amount collected each year by their employees).

    The group also pays for and provides the necessary resources to manage the association so that 100% of the funds raised can be used on the projects.
  • Awards

    2013: Codespa Prize for charitable private-sector contributions to fighting poverty.

    2012: Círculo de Economía Foundation Award and Pablo Durán Thornberg Corporate Sponsorship, in the category of corporate volunteering.

     2004: Empresa y Sociedad Foundation Award in the category of “Best Social Action in Partnership with Employees”.

     2003: Codespa Foundation Award in recognition of its charity work in poor countries.

     1998: United Nations Public Service Award.

New project funding

The following projects were awarded funding in the call launched by Día Solidario in Panama to apply the donations collected by the association in 2019:
  • “Moving towards victory with Día Solidario”, in partnership with the Te Ofrezco una Oportunidad Foundation.
  • “I can finish my studies with the help of Día Solidario”, in partnership with the University of Panama (UP).
  • “Día Solidario Scholarship - Finish your studies”, in partnership with the Technological University of Panama (UTP).

We would like to thank all of the other entities that were not selected for taking part and for the quality of their applications.

Ongoing projects

There are currently 14 ongoing projects, with 451 scholarships and 2 COVID-19 aid projects in Spain (school canteen grants and donation of computers).
  • Argentina

    DS Argentina 2010
    "Mano Amiga Foundation"

    Twelve scholarships for secondary school students in the Mano Amiga School.

    Update: the 11 students that continued to be part of the project in 2019 successfully completed the academic year. Ten student renew their scholarships.

    Status: ongoing.

  • Brazil

    DS Brazil 2018
    "The energy of taste"
    Twenty scholarships for students of the International Cooking School to continue the project from 2011 to 2016.

    Update: the 20 students successfully completed the academic year.

    Status: finalised.

    DS Brazil 2018
    “Young professionals in digital media”
    One hundred scholarships for students from the Rocinha favela and neighbouring communities to complete an audiovisual assistant course. Four groups of 25 students will complete the course between 2019 and 2023.

    Update: 21 students continue with their studies as of December 2019.

    Status: ongoing.
    DS Brazil 2018
    “FACENS Faculty of Engineering”
    Twenty-five scholarships for students aged over 18 to study a university digital game programming degree lasting for 5 semesters.

    Update: 21 students continue with their studies as of December 2019.

    Status: ongoing.
    DS Brazil 2018
    “Sur de Piauí Education Academy”
    Fifty-six scholarships for students aged between 18 and 30 to complete an occupational safety technician or nursing assistant vocational training course, which is compatible with employment.

    Update: of the first occupational safety technician year group, 27 continue with their studies.

    Status: ongoing.
  • Chile

    DS Chile 2016
    "Fundamor Foundation"
    Four scholarships for students that live in “Fundamor” homes.

    Update: all of the students continue to be part of the project.

    Status: ongoing.
    DS Chile 2015
    "Gesta Foundation"
    Eighteen technical vocational training scholarships lasting for 4 years (2016 – 2019)

    Update: the 18 students continue to receive the scholarship.

    Status: ongoing.
  • Morocco

    DS Morocco 2012
    Twenty-four scholarships for female university students from the Jorf El Melha region lasting for 3 years, distributed between 3 year groups (2014-2019) and 2 new year groups (2019-2023).

    Update: the members of the 3rd year group (5 scholarships) completed their studies in 2019.

    Status: ongoing
  • Mexico

    DS Mexico 2017
    “Baccalaureate outdoors”
    One hundred and twenty scholarships for students aged 14 – 18 from the Tuxpan Baccalaureate Centre (Veracruz). These scholarships cover the costs of school maintenance, schools materials, transport, living costs and uniforms.

    Update: 96 scholarships were granted in the first semester of 2019 and 99 in the second semester.

    Status: ongoing.
  • Moldova

    DS Moldova 2013
    “UF Scholarships Moldova”
    University scholarships for 29 young Moldavians with limited resources distributed between 2 year groups.

    Update: 17 students have completed their studies and 5 students successfully continue with their studies.

    Status: ongoing.
  • Nicaragua

    DS Nicaragua 2007
    “La Salle University (ULSA)”

    Continuation scholarships for the 5 best students of each year group from the La Salle Polytechnic Institute (IPLS)

    Update: in 2019, 14 students enrolled in various specialist engineering degrees. One student has graduated and 13 successfully continue with their studies.

    Status: ongoing.

  • Panama

    DS Panama 2006 “Scholarships for UTP and UP students” Programme of 10 university scholarships, starting from the third year of study.

    Update: the 5 remaining students finished their studies in 2019.

    Status: finalised.
    DS Panama 2015
    “Te ofrezco una oportunidad Foundation”
    Thirty-two secondary school scholarships (years 8-12)

    Update: the scholarship benefits 25 students, 2 of whom have been temporarily suspended as they did not reach the mark threshold required by the scholarship.

    Status: ongoing.
    DS Panama 2015
    “Deveaux Charitable Foundation”
    Twenty 4-year university scholarships.

    Update: 2 students completed their studies in 2019, 3 students successfully continue with their studies and 1 has been temporarily suspended.

    Status: finalised.
  • Portugal

    DS Portugal 2013
    “Lar Nossa Senhora do Livramento (LNSL)”
    Thirty-four integral primary and secondary study scholarships for girls that study at various schools in Porto and live in the LNSL foster home.

    Update: 11 students have already completed their studies and 15 successfully continue with their studies at various schools in Porto.

    Status: ongoing.
  • New projects DS Argentina 2019

     DS Argentina 2019
    De la Nada Civil Association: "The work kitchen”
    Eighty scholarships for women and youngsters with limited resources for 4 different culinary vocational training courses: kitchen assistant, professional pastry chef, professional baker, and waiter specialising in event organisation and cocktails.
    DS Argentina 2019
    Lamroth Hakol Association: “Education is a right; celebrating, too”
    Sixty-six culinary vocational training scholarships in which the students who receive the aid prepare snacks for children from nearby neighbourhoods on a daily basis. In addition to the scholarship recipients, there will be 400 indirect beneficiaries who receive the snacks prepared by the students.
    DS Argentina 2019
    La Salle Foundation: “Girls and boys in school. A comprehensive strategy to tackle situations of vulnerability”
    A very ambitious project that includes 3 types of initiatives: academic training, school canteen grants and educational trips with a total of 2,458 scholarships.
  • Activities related to COVID-19 in Spain

    Donation of 170 computers, school materials and 200,000 school canteen grants.

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