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Día Solidario is a non-profit association that is officially registered in the Spanish Register of Associations. Set up in 1997 by our employees, it is a social organisation aimed at fostering education for children and young people, as well as improving the living conditions of the most disadvantaged communities in the countries where we operate.
Management and administration of the association falls on its Governing Council, which is made up by company employees acting in a voluntary and altruistic fashion. The Governing Council receives advice and support from many other professionals at the company, who voluntarily give their time and knowledge in the fields of taxation, internal auditing, economic-administrative affairs and communication. It also works with volunteers at the various companies of our group who take responsibility for communicating the goals of the initiative and encouraging more people to take part. Furthermore, Dia Solidario receives voluntary support in each country from employees who manage the contributions from local partners and oversee the projects.
Two girls from the Día Solidario project in Morocco
  • The Board

    At present, the Governing Council is made up of the following people:

    Fernando Herrera - Chair
    Lola Devoto - Secretary

    Daniel de Miguel - Treasurer
    Carlos Arranz - Member
    Ester Sevilla - Member
    Mª José Capell - Member
    Mónica Emmer - Member
    Noelia López - Member
    Mireia Rocamora - Member
    Javier Fernández - Member
    Benito Vega - Member
  • Funding

    The activities undertaken by Día Solidario are financed by contributions from our employees around the world (who voluntarily donate one day’s-worth of their annual salary) and contributions from companies in the group (which match the amount collected each year by their employees).

    The group also pays for and provides the necessary resources to manage the association so that 100% of the funds raised can be used on the projects.
  • Awards

     2013: Codespa Prize for charitable private-sector contributions to fighting poverty.

    2012: Círculo de Economía Foundation Award and Pablo Durán Thornberg Corporate Sponsorship, in the category of corporate volunteering.

     2004: Empresa y Sociedad Foundation Award in the category of “Best Social Action in Partnership with Employees”.

     2003: Codespa Foundation Award in recognition of its charity work in poor countries.

     1998: United Nations Public Service Award.


  • Spain

    DS Spain 2015: "Educo school lunch grants" This project will pay for the school lunches of 151 children aged 6 to 12 whose families are at risk of poverty, in schools in La Rioja, Navarre and Galicia, in the academic years 2015-2016 and 2016-2017, and during the summer of 2016.
    Status: ongoing.
    DS Spain 2013: “Waste management and environmental awareness” Project in partnership with the Femarec Foundation to educate people with mental disabilities and/or mental illness about the waste management industry. As a result, 15 people completed the course and 4 of them found employment in a related field.
    Status: finalised
    DS Spain 2013: “Get the message” Project “Get the message”, in partnership with the Associació per a la Rehabilitació de les Persones amb Malaltia Mental (AREP), increased the employability as messengers of young people with mental illnesses.
    Status: finalised
    DS Spain 2013: “Charity for the crisis” Project “Charity for the crisis” to fund 3 meal centres in Galicia and Guadalajara for 2 years.
    Status: finalised
  • Panama

    DS Panama 2015: “Offering an opportunity” This project funded the secondary education, at several schools in Herrera province, of 20 students with good academic records and without economic resources. The project began in February 2016 and will end in December 2020.
    Status: ongoing.
    DS Panama 2015: “Fundación Benéfica Louis y Marthe Deveaux” This project funds the university education, at several universities in different provinces of Panama, of 20 students with excellent academic records in secondary school, and with a lack of economic resources. The project began in July 2016 and will end in December 2019.
    Status: ongoing.
    DS Panama 2006: “School subsidy for the education of outstanding students in the district of Los Pozos” Subsidising 18 secondary education grants (2007-2012), in partnership with the Club Social y Deportivo 19 de Octubre. After completing secondary school, it was agreed to extend the scholarship programme so that the eight best secondary students could continue their studies at university, during the 2013-2018 period.
    Status: ongoing.
    DS Panama 2006: “Complete your studies” Project in partnership with the committee to Eradicate Child Labour and Protect Working Adolescents (CETTIPAT), financing the education of 120 young people to enable them to take the second cycle of secondary school for a 3-year period.
    Status: finalised
  • Colombia

    DS Colombia 2014: “Dia Solidario Scholarships - Centro Inca” Project to provide 120 scholarships for technical training and work experience for low-voltage electrical installers. Intended for young people aged 18 to 25 in Sisben levels 1, 2 and 3, from the Caribbean region of Colombia where Naturgy is present through its affiliate company Electricaribe, S.A. E.S.P.

    Status: ongoing.
    DS Colombia 2008: “Professional university education for the beneficiaries of the DIA SOLIDARIO 2005 scholarship programme” Scholarship programme to cover the university education of the 100 best students in the Dia Solidario project in 2005, in partnership with the Instituto Tecnológico de Soledad (ITSA). In December 2014, a new agreement was signed with ITSA to realign the scholarship programme with the new academic regulations and update the amount of the grants for the 2014-2017 period.
    Status: ongoing.

    DS Colombia 2008: “Programme of fair access to higher professional and technological education for young people in levels 1 and 2 in the northern Cauca valley, Colombia” Project carried out at the Instituto de Educación Técnica Profesional de Roldanillo Valle (IES INTEP), which funded the Higher Education studies of 120 students for a 3-year period at the technical and technological level.
    Status: finalised
    DS Colombia 2008: "Scholarships for young people in the eastern Caldas Department" Programme in partnership with the CINOC, in the municipality of Pensilvania, to support 162 students with scholarships for 3 years of Higher Education at the technical and technological level.
    Status: finalised

    DS Colombia 2005: “Solidarity scholarships for outstanding young people in the Atlantic region” Programme carried out in ITSA, in the municipality of Soledad, Atlantic region, supporting the studies of 220 young people with few economic resources to take technological studies for a 3-year period.
    Status: finalised
    DS Colombia 2005: “Higher education scholarships for adolescents and young people in level 1 in the municipality of Buenaventura” Project in partnership with the FRSPBUN Foundation to finance the education of 120 students in higher education for a 3-5 year period at the technological level and 6 years at the professional level.
    Status: finalised
  • Moldova

    DS Moldova 2013: “Dia Solidario Scholarships Moldova” This project is intended to subsidise the university career of 21 young Moldovans who can accredit academic excellence and low economic resources. The project is based in Chisinau, where most of the country's higher education centres are located, although it will consider the inclusion of participants from other regions, who will be given additional resources to cover their transport to the capital.
    Status: ongoing.
    DS Moldova 2001: “Giving light to those who cannot see” The project “Giving light to those who cannot see” consisted of repairing a classroom in Boarding School no. 8 for the Blind and Visually Impaired in the municipality of Chisinau and financing 3 years of secondary education for 12 students with visual disabilities of 30% to 90%. After completing their secondary school studies, Día Solidario financed the university study of the best students, and also provided a small grant for books, transport, etc.
    Status: concluded
  • Portugal

    DS Portugal 2013: “Dà-lhe Gás” This project pays for the primary and secondary education, in various Porto schools, of 20 girls living in the foster home Lar Nossa Senhora do Livramento, (LNSL), in Porto. The project began in September 2014 and will end in June 2023.
    Status: ongoing.
  • Morocco

    DS Morocco 2012: “Accès á l’enseignement supérieur des jeunes filles” AL KHAIRIRIA DAR TALIBA Project with the Association AL KHAIRIRIA DAR TALIBA, a non-profit association located in Jorf El Melha in the Ouazzan region, with the main aim of helping girls stay in school, offering accommodation and resources for the education of over 80 girls from rural areas. The project consists of providing grants for the university education of 14 young women from Dar Taliba, divided into 3 classes (Sept. 2014 - July 2019).
    Status: ongoing.
  • Brazil

    DS Brasil 2018: Ayudas sociales para proyectos sociales Bases de la convocatoria de ayudas de Dia Solidário para orgaizaciones de la sociedad civil (ONG) y entidades educativas para proyectos educativos en Brasil.

    Situación: finalizada

    DS Brazil 2011: “University Talent” In this project, in partnership with the Viva Rio Association, Dia Solidario has provided 12 scholarships to help several young people begin or complete technical training or university courses from 2012 to 2018.
    Status: ongoing.
    DS Brazil 2011: “Jovens na Cozinha”

    Project  in partnership with the Instituto Superior de Educaçao La Salle RJ, training 23 young people with low incomes for the restaurant industry from 2012 to 2014. All the trainees found jobs after completing the training.
    Status: finalised
  • Argentina

     Argentina 2010: “Promotion of youth leaders in rural areas” Project in partnership with the Marzano Foundation to contribute to local development in the rural sector, improving the vocational training of rural youth through a tertiary-level offer, enabling the young people receiving the scholarships to get an education and work in their community.
    Status: finalised
    DS Argentina 2010: “Natural energy, exponential growth” Project providing 13 university scholarships (engineering and bachelor's degrees) during the 2011-2014 period. 9 students successfully completed the programme.
    Status: finalised
    DS Argentina 2010: “Dia Solidario Scholarships - Mano Amiga” “Día Solidario Scholarships - Mano Amiga” project; The project will pay for secondary education at the Colegio Mano Amiga for 12 young people whose families have difficulties meeting the costs of education. The project will cover 6 years (2016-2021). All the beneficiaries are residents of poor neighbourhoods of Pilar Partido.
    Status: ongoing.
  • Mexico

    DS Mexico 2009: “Conalep Scholarships - Día Solidario” Project in partnership with the National Association of Professional Technical Education (CONALEP) to fund professional technical studies
    in various specialised fields for 175 young people living in Mexico City and Tuxpan (Veracruz).
    Status: ongoing.
    DS Mexico 2004: “Student grants for young people taking the baccalaureate and vocation training” Project enabling 125 young people with few economic resources from the Agua Prieta and Hermosillo areas of Sonora state (Mexico) to study at the baccalaureate level for 3 years. On completion, 115 received a scholarship to study a technical subject for 2 years, and the remaining 10 attended university for 4-5 years.
    Status: finalised
  • Nicaragua

    DS Nicaragua 2007: “Regeneration of the social fabric through school attendance and retention of economically vulnerable young people to provide them with job opportunities”

    Project “Regeneration of the social fabric through school attendance and retention of economically vulnerable young people to provide them with job opportunities”: Programme of 307 scholarships for the 2nd cycle of secondary education, combined with the technical baccalaureate, in partnership with the Instituto Politécnico La Salle (IPLS) and 31 continuation scholarships at Universidad La Salle (ULSA). The planned schedule is 2008-2016 in IPLS and 2011-2022 in ULSA.

    Status: ongoing.

    DS Nicaragua 2007: "Scholarships for access to and continuation in an integrated education"

    Project by the Colegio Parroquia San Ignacio de Loyola, financing the education of 40 primary school students (6 years) and another 40 secondary school students (5 years).
    Status: finalised

    DS Nicaragua 2002: “Programme for access to and continuation in school”

    Programme of scholarships providing integrated care for 150 children aged 3-6 with few economic resources, to take a year of pre-school and 6 years of primary education.

    Status: finalised

  • Mozambique

    DS Mozambique 2004: “Project Mozambique” Project to finance the studies of 22 young people at the Catholic University of Mozambique in Law, Communications and Agriculture.
    Status: finalised
    DS Mozambique 1997: "Sending bicycles to Mozambique" Collecting and sending 5000 bicycles for the people of Mozambique to facilitate transport in various deprived communities.
    Status: finalised
  • Guatemala

    DS Guatemala 2003: “Scholarships for girls and young people from Western Guatemala in primary and secondary education” Programme to promote primary education for 100 girls with few economic resources residing in rural areas, while also providing access to secondary education for 180 young people (90 at baccalaureate level and 90 in vocational training).
    Status: finalised
  • Dominican Republic

    DS Dominican Republic 2000: "Building, equipping and launching the "Nuestra Señora de la Luz" Vocational Training Centre Project specialising in electricity. Each school course educates 80 young people from families with few economic resources, in 4 modules and a total of 1240 hours over 18 months.
    Status: finalised

  • Philippines

    DS Philippines 1999: “Promoting the rights, welfare and education of children in Mindanao” The project includes two activities: the first provides programmes of care for children: 24-hour helplines, rescue brigades and foster centres with teams of doctors, psychologists and educators; the second produced and distributes free basic education materials through an educational TV programme.
    Status: finalised
  • Bolivia

    DS Bolivia 1998: "Reconstruction of a school in Aiquile" Reconstruction of a primary school in Aiquile destroyed by an earthquake, for 120 boys and girls aged 4 to 8
    Status: concluded
  • Kenya

    DS Kenya 1997: "Nairobi study grants" Study grants for 6 boys and 6 girls with few economic resources to attend secondary school for 4 years at the best schools in Nairobi.
    Status: finalised

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