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The Naturgy Foundation is a non-profit institution created in 1992 by Naturgy to educate and raise awareness in society of improvements in energy efficiency and technological innovation in the energy sector. It also develops social action programmes both nationally and internationally, in particular by supporting initiatives aimed at alleviating energy vulnerability.

This foundation develops and implements its own projects, which are aligned with its mission to educate, spread knowledge and raise awareness about matters related to energy and the environment. Its main objective is to promote the rational usage of energy resources and encourage sustainable development in order to contribute towards the current energy transition and the challenges of the future, based on serious and rigorous discussion. 

On a more professional level, it organises seminars and conferences with national and international speakers, including the “Energy Prospectives” cycle carried out alongside the IESE Business School. It also publishes studies on matters related to energy and the environment. 

It has a wide variety of programmes and initiatives to spread knowledge and raise awareness among the youngest members of society including Efigy Education, which is developed in schools, and the Energy Challenge, a mobile experience that travels the length and breadth of Spain to encourage youngsters to think about the challenges posed by the energy transition. 

Meanwhile, the Foundation, aware of the problems of current society, wants to fight a social reality that affects an ever greater section of society: energy vulnerability.

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In Spain, it has three main programmes: 
  • the Energy Rehabilitation Solidarity Fund, to improve the homes of vulnerable families;
  • the Energy School, to train social services professionals and families on matters related to energy efficiency and responsible consumption; 
  • and Energy Volunteering, to provide advice to vulnerable families. 

Internationally, it drives energy-related social projects that are adapted to the specific needs of each country. 

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The Foundation’s lines of work

Social Action
Plan de Acción Social de la Fundación Naturgy

The Naturgy Foundation is in charge of developing the social initiatives included in the company’s Vulnerability Plan The main projects under way are the Energy Rehabilitation Solidarity Fund, the Energy School and Energy Volunteering. It carries out its activities alongside volunteering organisations and public authorities, as we strongly believe that working together is the only way to ensure we are able improve the quality of life of vulnerable groups.  

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Raising awareness of energy and the environment
Energía y Medio Ambiente Fundación Naturgy

Our organisation helps raise awareness about matters related to energy and the environment through seminars, conferences and studies.  Additionally, it supports analysis forums in order to contribute towards the development of new energy technologies and promotes the circular economy and improved air quality. It prepares the Energy Efficiency Index to share information about the efficiency habits of Spanish households and SMEs.     

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Education and dissemination about energy and environment
Programas Educativos Fundación Naturgy

It offers education projects that seek to convey values related to the energy transition, the circular economy, conserving the environment and using energy efficiently and responsibly to build a better future for all. Some of our most important projects are the Efigy Education programme carried out in schools, the travelling Energy Challenge experience and the Learning by Service (APS) Programme, in addition to a wide variety of educational resources for use in the classroom. 

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International social action
Programa Internacional Fundación Naturgy

The Foundation has a clear international outlook and has therefore been undertaking actions in countries, where its work is particularly focused on training, sustainability and social action, while always adapting to the specific nature and requirements of the various environments. We are currently developing activities in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Morocco. 


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Naturgy Foundation

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