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We are an energy group with an innovative, end-to-end and sustainable business model

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A sound and competitive multinational power company


Our business model stands out as a leader in the gas sector and a benchmark in the power sector, in both cases guaranteeing a regular power supply, essential for a quality service and for fulfilling our social responsibilities, while providing a wide range of value-added services and promoting sustainable innovation as a driver of development.


operating in

more than 20 countries


of our energy mix 

close to 16 million customers


more than half outside of Spain

10,540 employees

The energy

Distribution and commercialisation

Generation, distribution and commercialisation
Integral service
We go much further than just selling energy

Our principles


 To respond to the energy needs of society by offering quality and environmentally-friendly products and services.

 To respond to the needs of our shareholders by offering increasing and sustainable profitability.

 To respond to the needs of our employees by offering them the opportunity to develop their professional skills.


 To be a leader that is continually growing and has a multinational presence, offering quality, environmentally friendly products. 

To offer growing and sustained profitability to our shareholders. 

To offer professional and personal development opportunities to our employees. 

 To make a positive contribution through a global commitment. 


 Customer focus

 Commitment to results


  Interest in people

  Social Responsibility



Our international presence also ensures we are in an advantageous position for securing growth in new regions in the process of economic development, making us one of the world's leading operators.

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In an increasingly interconnected world, innovation and technology are key to transforming the way in which we develop our activity through initiatives and projects that guarantee cleaner, more efficient and sustainable energy.

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More than 175 years of history

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