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  • 1Q21 Results

    28 April 2021
    12 h (CEST)


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  • With sustainable mobility

    We promote the use and development of biomethane, green hydrogen, electricity and NGV.

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  • Annual Reports 2020 


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  • We’re backing renewables

    We enter the USA with the purchase of a renewable energy company

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An innovative, integrated and sustainable business model

Our business model is based on value creation, and focuses on promoting the sustainable development of society by guaranteeing a supply of environmentally friendly, competitive and safe energy.  
Our vision of the future, which does not leave aside our more than 175 years of history, aims to transform the current business model and lay the foundations to continue creating value through energy transition by focusing on renewable energy sources, developing renewable gas (hydrogen and biomethane) thanks to our leading position in the conventional natural gas market, and boosting energy efficiency and the circular economy

We continue working for the future


About us

Quiénes somos

We are a group that is engaged in the generation, distribution and marketing of energy and services, working to ensure the well-being of people, the progress of companies and society and the sustainability of the planet.

We operate in more than 20 countries
More than 16 million costumers
We have an installed capacity of 15.3 GW and a diversified electricity generation mix.

What we do

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We operate in regulated and deregulated gas and electricity markets, with a growing contribution from international activity in the following areas: 

Gas and electricity distribution
Electricity generation and marketing
Gas infrastructure, supply and marketing

How we do it

Cómo lo hacemos

Our objective of long-term value creation and sustainable management is based on our eight commitments:

Shareholders and inverstors

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Corporate Responsability Reports  

  Corporate Responsbaility Report
In an increasingly interconnected world, innovation and technology are key to transforming the way in which we develop our activity through initiatives and projects that guarantee cleaner, more efficient and sustainable energy.

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We develop our business with a strategic time horizon that transcends immediate economic interests, thereby contributing to economic, environmental and social development.


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