We are present in the electricity and gas businesses, from production to distribution and marketing.

Our business model stands out for being:

  • a leader in the gas sector


  • a benchmark in the power sector

in both cases guaranteeing a regular supply of gas and electricity. This is essential for providing a quality service and fulfilling the company’s social function, while at the same time providing a wide range of value-added services and promoting sustainable innovation as an engine for development.



We develop and manage electricity generation assets with a global focus and operate in various technologies

  • We have 4.9 GW of capacity in renewable generation (2.1 GW hydropower, 2,4 GW wind and 0.4 GW solar).
  • We have 8.1 GW of conventional power generation, (7.4 GW combined cycle power plants, 0.6 GW nuclear and 0,1 GW of cogeneration).
  • In late 2018, we were the first power company to submit a request to close all its carbon power plants in Spain.
  • A leader in marketing mass consumption and residential electricity with a total market share in Spain of 14.6%, making us one of the key agents in the Spanish market.  

We carry out electricity distribution activities for various types of users


Third-largest operator in the Spanish market, where we distribute electricity to 3.8 million customers


156.232 km of electricity distribution network


We hold a leading position in the markets where we operate, and we are efficient when it comes to the operating and maintenance costs of the electricity distribution business

We are leaders in the large-scale and residential consumption segments of energy marketing in Spain

Mass consumption and residential

We are one of the main players on the Spanish market, leaders in the consumer and residential segments with a total market share in Spain of 14,6%

Added-value services

We have a combined dual energy offering and a wide range of value-added services


Being leaders in the combined marketing of natural gas and electricity gives us significant advantages, such as being able to benefit from lower service costs, integrated customer service and lower purchase costs, resulting in increased customer loyalty


We distribute in the domestic commercial market and in the industrial market with large customers

  • We distribute natural gas to 1,200 municipalities in 10 autonomous communities.
  • We are leaders in the Spanish market with a market share of 70%.
  • We have 5.4 million clients.

More than 5.4 million customers have chosen us as their supply company

  • We work in the retail and wholesale segments.
  • In Spain, we are the leading energy marketer.
  • We have a 44,3% market share in Spain.
  • We are leaders in the combined dual power offering and offer a wide range of value-added services.