Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

Committed to actively helping to fully achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals

Our sustainable business strategy is proof of our commitment to the 2030 Agenda

The United Nations (UN) presented the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in August 2015, establishing 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and 169 associated targets. Although they are principally aimed at governments and public authorities, companies have a fundamental role in their achievement.

At Naturgy, we analysed each of these goals and rose to these universal challenges in two ways:



Additionally, as part of our Sustainability Plan we have scheduled a series of specific actions linked to working in line with one or several Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

How we apply them
How we contribute

190,891 customers with subsidised rates in 2023

4,400 homes renovated

4,134 people trained by the Energy School in 2023

We are firmly committed to ending poverty, primarily through the Naturgy Foundation, which focuses its social action on measures to help alleviate energy vulnerability with training and direct action with volunteers, as well as home energy rehabilitation, all in collaboration with the Tertiary Sector.

20.181 documented safety inspections at work

8,670 Preventive Safety Observations

We contribute to achieving this goal by focusing on the health, safety and well-being of our employees, suppliers, contractors and subcontractors.

265.465 hours of training

41.5 training hours per employee

of the workforce trained

One of our aims is to develop professionals who will be leaders of change to build a future with the Naturgy vision, thus offering an ongoing learning environment, with methodologies, tools and knowledge that facilitate the growth of our professionals, connecting them with trends, technologies and best practice, and promoting their development of skills and competencies linked to our leadership model.

The Corporate Universityis one of the strategic forces behind transformation, serving both people and businesses to contribute to the creation of value and to achieve our goals.

We have three academies that complement each other and enable our teams to tackle the challenges of the present and the future through ongoing learning, development of the leadership role and the adoption of new ways of working: Transformational Leadership, Tech Academy and Extended Academy.

We also foster training and education for children and young people, as basic pillars for human growth and development, in communities lacking financial resources in the countries where we operate, funding grants for children and young people without financial resources and a good academic record, all through the employee Día Solidario association.


33% women / 67% men

36% women in executive roles

We believe it is essential to foster diversity and equal opportunities and to create an environment based on respect, and constant listening and dialogue, paying special attention to achieving objectives in issues related to gender and the inclusion of people with disabilities, extending this commitment to suppliers and partner companies.

This all-encompassing commitment is upheld in the Sustainability and People Strategy, as well as the Gender Equality Policy and the Workplace Harassment Prevention Protocol.

Our Equality Plan identifies the strengths that should be maintained and highlights the weaknesses that need to be corrected, as identified by an external expert. These points determine the path that should be followed, indicating actions in the areas of communication and awareness, culture and leadership, development and promotion, payment, flexibility and work/life balance, recruitment, harassment prevention, measurement and monitoring.


10% decrease in water consumption

61% reduction in fresh water intake

This aspect is part of our Corporate Responsibility Policy, and matters mentioned regarding water consumption represent one of our key responsible environmental management indicators. We constantly measure the water footprint of our activities, conduct water stress analyses or studies, and reduction products.


+17% renewable installed capacity

0.3 TWh renewable gas production and injection capacity

30% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to 2017

We are committed to the sustainable development of society by guaranteeing a supply of eco-friendly, safe and competitive energy.

This has always been true but, at a time that is especially significant for the energy sector in particular, and all of society in general, we are further reinforcing our commitment to the fight against climate change and environmental protectionEnergy transition is a unique opportunity to transform the company and offer a firm, sustained contribution to decarbonisation of the economy.


96.7% open-ended contracts

82.7% supplier ESG audits

28.356€ billion of economic value generated for suppliers

We operate under a commitment to guarantee decent jobs in all the areas where we are present. To do so, we apply a Human Rights Policy that, among other principles, is aimed at eradicating child labour, facilitating freedom of association and offering decent employment. We conduct ESG assessments and audits with our suppliers, foster local procurement and take part in the First Export Programme.

In addition, our Equality and Diversity Plan includes our commitment to equality and involves people management initiatives related to three specific areas of action: gender, disability and age. Furthermore, workplace safety and risk prevention are key aspects in the daily management of the company, which are enshrined in the Health and Safety Plan.

Diversity and equality

We believe it is essential to foster diversity and equal opportunities and to create an environment based on respect, and constant listening and dialogue, paying special attention to achieving objectives in issues related to gender and the inclusion of people with disabilities, extending this commitment to suppliers and partner companies.

We promote an inclusive culture of awareness and actions that integrate and bring together diversity. This perspective of interest in people guides the company’s way of working and achieving its objectives, and it shares this vision with the entire value chain in the different businesses in which it operates.

This all-encompassing commitment is upheld in the Sustainability and People Strategy, the Corporate Responsibility Policy, the Code of Ethics, the Gender Equality Policy and the Workplace Harassment Prevention Protocol.

Commitment to equality

Our Equality Plan is part of our commitment and promise to build workplace relationships based on non-discrimination and equal treatment and opportunities for women and men. In addition, it is an effective tool for guaranteeing gender equality.

Equal treatment and opportunities in employment and occupation is the fundamental principle of workplace relationships and people management, and the company is fully committed to ensuring equal treatment in all areas and for all purposes. It does not permit discrimination on the basis of sex or any other grounds and promotes working conditions that favour equality.

Diversity management

Diversity management is an integral part of our company. Our sustainable business project is committed to investing in and promoting the diverse talent of the organisation and the people who are part of it.

Our efforts in this area are brought to life by concrete initiatives focused on four aspects: gender, generational, disability and functional.


Respect and dignity are the foundations of relationships with and between our professionals. These relationships are based on the principles of trust, respect and equal opportunities.

We expressly reject and prohibit any form of physical, psychological, moral, sexual and gender-based harassment or abuse of authority. We also expressly reject and prohibit any other conduct that may create an intimidating, offensive or hostile work environment for individuals.

The Protocol on Sexual and/or Gender-based Harassment has the purpose of implementing a procedure to prevent and take action against sexual harassment, in order to reinforce a mechanism that defines a comprehensive and effective course of action to take when faced with any behaviour that may constitute sexual and/or gender-based harassment. In addition, it establishes the necessary measures to prevent, identify and combat sexual harassment, ensuring that the action procedure in such situations guarantees the victims’ rights at all times.

€84.5 million invested in innovation annually

We are committed to industry and its infrastructures in the form of various projects driven by innovation.

This is one of our key levers for growth as it enables us to incorporate new and better practices, new business models and technologies to become a more efficient and competitive company. Always at the forefront and putting the customer at the centre of all efforts.

How we perceive innovation means we can transform risks into opportunities, as a contribution to creating a streamlined company capable of existing in a framework of constant transformation with solvency.


Energy Rehabilitation Solidarity Fund 4,410 homes renovated

Energy School 4,134 attendees

Energy volunteering 2,502 families helped

Energy Vulnerability Plan

We believe that people should be our top priority, especially vulnerable groups in need of protection. That is the reason behind our Energy Vulnerability Plan, which establishes our strategy to help alleviate this social scourge. The Plan was established in 2017 and has continued to evolve and adapt to the changing situation each year.

Various areas of the company work on the plan, the two main ones being the Naturgy Foundation and the Customers area. It seeks to go further than merely complying with current legislation and promotes collaboration agreements with the various public and private bodies involved, as the basis for all other actions.

36% increase in investment in environmental actions

41% reduction of direct emissions (scope 1 and 2) compared to 2017

We carry out our activity by committing to improving energy efficiency and air quality in cities, minimising our environmental impact regarding use of water, land and waste generation, and strict control of our environmental risks.  


89.9% procurement from local suppliers

5.837 supplier assessments

We remain committed to responsible production and commitment beyond legal requirements as we implement actions to reduce the consumption of resources, water and energy. We also undertake educational activities with our stakeholders: environmental training for employees and awareness actions with suppliers and customers in this regard.

Likewise, we carry out business with a commitment to sustainability in our supply chain. Besides fostering procurement from local suppliers, we promote compliance with the company’s code of ethics and policies throughout the supply chain and incorporate sustainability criteria into the assessment and management of suppliers, beyond mere regulatory compliance.


353 biodiversity projects

30% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to 2017

0.3 TWh renewable gas production or injection capacity

The Corporate Responsibility Policy and the resulting Environmental Policy voluntarily undertake the commitment to be a key agent in the energy transition towards a circular economy, low-carbon and digital model, working in four strategic environmental areasEnvironmental management and governance, climate change and energy transition, the circular economy and eco-efficiency, and natural capital and biodiversity.


No deterioration of water masses or biodiversity

2.2% of all water intake consumed

When managing discharges, studies are conducted on the quality of water leaving the thermal power plants after being treated and the results from these analyses ensure that the company does not generate significant impacts on aquatic ecosystems. Furthermore, we build partnerships with third parties, especially conservation organisations and public authorities, in order to undertake actions in this regard, including the clean-up of coastal areas and the protection of marine species.  


345 biodiversity projects

14 voluntary environmental actions

50 ha. environmental restoration actions

We undertake actions for the protection and conservation of natural species and spaces that go beyond the legal requirements, diagnostic studies of the environment surrounding our facilities, and education and awareness activities with our stakeholders, all of which are part of the Biodiversity Plan.

Naturgy Foundation also carries out corporate environmental volunteering actions to promote a positive attitude toward conserving biodiversity among employees and their families. A total of 22 environmental volunteering actions have taken place worldwide.

As an example, UFD, the electricity distributor of the Naturgy Group, has carried out a pioneering initiative that uses nature-based solutions to control vegetation in areas located under power lines in collaboration with the Ourense Institute for Economic Development (INORDE). The reduction of vegetation under power lines is necessary to ensure safety and is usually done by mechanical means. The project carried out has consisted of innovating, substituting the use of machinery for native cattle, with less impact on the environment and promoting traditional grazing and rural development. Work is underway to implement this measure in other geographies.

Compliance in terms of integrity and trust is one of the challenges that we address in a coordinated manner. We believe that the entire organisation must act in the same way, in the framework of the company’s Code of Ethics and on the basis of a compliance management model.

Internal regulations are based on the Code of Ethics, which is complemented by the Code of Ethics for Suppliers, Criminal Prevention Model, Compliance Policy, Anti-Corruption Policy, Human Rights Policy and other rules and control measures that assure operational effectiveness in each area where the company does business.

Internal audits are an independent and objective assessment that ensures and safeguards the company’s control system as a whole as well as external and internal regulations.

The commitment to integrity not only involves understanding and managing inherent risks, but also considering the potential risks that our activity may pose for the public and the environment and including them in the decision-making process. The Human Rights Policy gains particular relevance against this backdrop. Through its ten commitments, this policy considers all the stakeholders that could be affected by the company’s activities, especially the most vulnerable groups.

Leading position among the most sustainable companies in the utilities sector renewed
Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)

Recognised as a global leader (A-) for our actions related to climate change and water management.

Euronext Vigeo

We are part of the Euro 120 index, based on the agency’s biannual assessment.


We have a medium risk profile among the 706 utilities that were assessed.

We remain among the 10% of companies in the industry with the highest ratings

Awarded a gold medal for our performance in terms of social, environmental and good governance issues by this global provider of business sustainability ratings

S&P Global

We are ranked in the top 10% in the Sustainability Yearbook 2024, based on the agency’s 2023 sustainability assessment.

Moody’s ESG solution

We have a score of 60 out of 100, which puts us in an advanced performance category.

We consider partnerships to be essential for promoting development. We maintain a working commitment to society that goes beyond business activities and involves an extensive range of sponsorship and patronage projects. Resources allocated to cultural, social, energy and environmental programmes are focused on projects that generate the greatest value for society, while at the same time enabling us to strengthen our commitment to becoming positively integrated into each community and country where we carries out our business operations.

We are a member of the Patronage Board of the Liceu, thus collaborating with initiatives that promote culture and the opera.

With culture

We support the foundational aims of the Teatro Real, which are geared toward scheduling and managing music, poetry and choreographic activities.

We collaborate with the MNAC in promoting and disseminating the history of Catalan art.

With the environment and the sustainability

Forética’s mission is to foster the integration of social, environmental and good governance aspects into the strategy and management of companies and organisations. With one objective: to achieve a sustainable future.
This organisation is dedicated to maintaining and developing work in a variety of areas, such as the recovery and rehabilitation of fauna, the breeding of threatened species in captivity, the conservation of natural species and environmental education and awareness-raising.
This organisation works to restore and conserve ecosystems, transferring academic knowledge to operational projects with maximum social performance.
We collaborate with Bosquia to care for and protect our forests.

With research and talent

We sponsor the “Efficient Energy Use” category of the Energy Awards.

Communication platform created with the aim of connecting women directors and entrepreneurs from all sectors and professional categories to encourage and contribute towards healthy habits of women within companies.

With training

Our company is a member of the board of trustees of this Foundation, which aims to promote education and training for young people.
This organisation promotes teaching and research in science, chemistry and business management. We collaborate with two grants.

We collaborate with Energy Club, an entity which promotes activities for education and analysis of the energy sector through arranging conferences such as Global Energy Day.


The data included in each of the SDGs (unless expressly confirmed otherwise) refer to 31/12/2023.

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