Fixed income

Naturgy Energy Group, S.A. obtained its first rating in February 1999. In October that same year, it formalised its first EMTN – Euro Medium Term Notes Programme. This programme enables Naturgy to issue bonds in the European market, with a public or private format and variable terms.

Euro Medium Term Notes Programme (EMTN)

The EMTN programme is listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange with Naturgy Capital Markets, S.A and Naturgy Finance BV as issuers.

Euro Commercial Paper Programme (ECP)

In March 2001, Naturgy increased its presence in the European capitals markets with an ECP -Euro Commercial Paper- programme, with short-term bonds worth 1 billion.

Undated subordinated securities

Naturgy Finance B.V. (“the Issuer”), the Dutch subsidiary of Naturgy Energy Group, S.A., has issued the following undated subordinated securities.

Naturgy Capital Markets S.A.

NCM was incorporated for the purposes of obtaining funding for the Naturgy Energy Group. The aim of the NCM is to raise funds through the issue of debt financial instruments, including straight and subordinated debt.

Naturgy Finance B.V

NFBV was incorporated to make it possible to obtain financing for the Naturgy Group. In order to fulfil this purpose, NFBV is authorised to raise funds through the issuing of financial instruments including straight and subordinated debt.

Preferred securities 2005

This section contains the main terms and conditions of the issuance.