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Through innovation, we can turn risks into opportunities

Strategic lines

Renewables and storage

We are committed to a balanced energy mix and efficient management of renewable resources, developing innovative initiatives and projects.

Renewable gas

We develop commercial-scale projects to produce renewable gas and inject it into the network, thereby promoting a sustainable and circular energy model.


We produce renewable gas for use in the domestic, industrial or mobility sectors via electrolysis, preferably with surplus renewable electricity.

Sustainable mobility

We develop sustainable solutions for both heavy- and light-duty transport related to the use and development of biomethane, green hydrogen, electricity and VNG.

Distributed generation

We have smart systems and infrastructures that enable us to decentralise power distribution points, revolutionising current models.

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At Naturgy, we believe in innovation as a commitment to promoting energy efficiency, sustainability and the fight against climate change. That’s why we have various projects to tackle the challenges faced by the energy sector, as part of our vocation and commitment to society. 


La Robla

Development of a hydrogen production plant with a production capacity of up to 280 MW located on the site of Naturgy’s former thermal power plant, which received authorisation for definitive closure in 2020 and will be fully decommissioned in 2024. In addition, the development of the plant will also involve the start-up of a photovoltaic solar generation project comprising various farms located in nearby municipalities.



Development of a renewable hydrogen hub on the site of the former Meirama thermal power plant with an initial capacity of 30 MW, which can be scaled up to a total potential capacity of 200 MW. It will produce more than 4,000 tonnes of renewable hydrogen per year in the first phase and will ultimately reach figures of 30,000 tonnes per year. The project involves the installation of an electrolysis plant powered by 100% renewable energy. This project is part of the Incentives Programme for the renewable hydrogen innovation and knowledge value chain, under the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan and the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism of the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge, and it is “funded by the European Union – NextGenerationEU”.

Renewable generation and storage

Photovoltaic test field in La Nava

This project involves installing bifacial panels at the La Nava photovoltaic power plant in Ciudad Real to conduct testing and optimise management. The test field was created to maximise the profitability and competitivity of photovoltaic power plants, thereby driving forward the development of renewable energies.

The Elena landfill

Renewable gas

Another success story is the construction of a biomethane upgrading plant at the Elena landfill, a closed landfill site that produces biogas located within the emblematic urban development project Parc de L’Alba in Cerdanyola del Vallès. Thanks to the installation of this plant, the biogas generated is not burnt off in a flare, and the renewable gas can be used in the gas network. Installed in June 2021, this facility was the first to inject renewable landfill gas into Spain’s gas distribution network.

Renewable gas

Mixed renewable gas unit

One of the company’s success stories in this field is the mixed renewable gas unit, which, alongside EnergyLab and the Public Water Treatment Company of Bens (A Coruña), has achieved outstanding results, such as the commissioning of a membrane-based purification plant in the Bens water treatment plant and the first biological methanation plant in Spain. Additionally, research will be carried out on other renewable gases such as green hydrogen and bio-syngas to assess the impact they have on current infrastructures and end consumers’ facilities.

Renewable gas

Vilasana biomethane plant

The Porgaporcs agri-food plant owned by Ecobiogas in Vilasana (Lleida) puts all of the organic and pig waste that it receives into a digester to produce biogas, which is then refined and converted into biomethane. The plant has a biomethane refuelling pump where two types of vehicles involved in the pilot project have already filled up their tanks: two light-duty Seat cars and a heavy-duty municipal waste collection vehicle.



Together with Ruralia, Posteléctrica and Invenergy Services, we manage wind farm dismantling processes and recover dismantled turbines. The main aim of the initiative is to inspect and overhaul turbines that have been in service for many years. This covers the turbine as a whole and all the individual parts. In addition, parts that are not fit for further use but can be given a second life as raw materials are processed.

The project is based on an experimental plant in Almazán (Soria), where a number of technologies and processing lines will be tested. Subsequently, plants will be set up in different locations so that they can build a close relationship with the surrounding area and those who work there.



We are part of an international consortium to boost the competitive and industrial development of offshore wind power in Europe. The project will implement and test the scalability and future commercial development of an innovative 6 MW floating wind power system in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of France (Mistral).

The project has been supported by the European Union and will receive 15.9 million euros of funding from the Horizon Europe programme.

Distributed generation

Self-consumption lab

We have developed a lab with small-scale self-consumption and electrochemical storage technologies that will enable us to create more efficient solutions for each specific case proposed by our clients.


Zeppelin Project

Its general objective is to investigate a flexible set of green hydrogen production and storage technologies based on harnessing waste and by-products in an effort to significantly improve the production costs and efficiency of this energy vector.

Renewable generation and storage


This project will research the technological basis for improving the competitiveness of seasonal renewable energy storage using green hydrogen. UNDERGY proposes activities to harness renewable energy by integrating renewable generation and high-capacity seasonal energy storage into a smart grid.

Renewable gas


We have formed a joint venture (W2BM) with Greene to develop technology within the next few years to obtain renewable gas from syngas for injection into the distribution network or for use in mobility, a new method for producing low-carbon gas. This is the first project of its kind to obtain bio-synthetic natural gas from difficult-to-manage industrial waste in Spain, thereby making a significant contribution to the circular economy.

Renewable gas


Alongside the Australian company Wildfire Energy, we have reached an agreement to research and develop a novel gasification technology to obtain quality green hydrogen with negative net carbon emissions via the thermochemical processing of a wide range of dry urban and agricultural waste.

With this collaboration, Wildfire will operate a pilot plant in Brisbane (Australia) that produces hydrogen for any use, including mobility. Meanwhile, we will leverage our experience in renewable gas projects to validate the process and ensure its industrial scalability in order to study its implementation in Spain and Europe.