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FAQs and more information

  • What is the Superpack?

    It is a new concept we have created at Naturgy to provide a definitive solution to the energy consumption needs you have at home. Just a fixed rate that includes energy supplies, maintenance and repair services for your electrical and/or natural gas equipment, at a competitive price. So you don't have to worry about anything!

  • Who can get the Naturgy Superpack?

    Anyone can get the Naturgy Superpack if they meet the following requirements:

    • For electricity:
      • power lower than 8kW*
      • 2.0A or 2.0DHA access tariff (except 2.0A with maximeter)
      • consumption lower than 7,000 kWh/year. 
    • For gas:
      • 3.1 or 3.2 access rate
      • consumption lower than 20,000 kWh/year.

    *For power greater than 6kW, an amount of €6 will be added as a power supplement to the monthly flat rate of the contracted electricity plan.

    The Naturgy Superpack is not recommended for technical additions (new supply homes) because there is no consumption history to choose the right Superpack according to kWh/year.

  • How does the Naturgy Superpack work?

     If you get the Electricity Naturgy Superpack, you will be taking out a flat rate for electricity and urgent repair service for electrical appliances and air conditioning or coolers/heaters. All included in a monthly rate, in addition to the taxes and meter rental, which ensures that the expense is controlled, and you won’t need to worry about your energy bills at all.

    You'll get a better price and also you'll save up to €144 per year for buying them together in a pack.

     If you get the Electricity and Gas Naturgy Superpack, you will be taking out a flat rate for electricity and gas, an urgent repair service for electrical appliances and air conditioning or coolers/heaters and also natural gas cover for heating and boilers and other natural gas equipment. Mandatory check up and annual maintenance is included for natural gas equipment and installation. All included in a monthly fixed rate, in addition to the taxes and meter rentals, which ensures that the expense is controlled, and you won’t need to worry about your energy bills at all.

    You'll get a better price better and also you'll save up to €176 per year for buying them together in a pack.

  • What details are included in the Naturgy Superpack?

    The Naturgy Superpack rate includes:

    • For electricity, the power and energy unit with the maximum annual consumption set in kWh/year for every Superpack.
    • For natural gas, the fixed and variable unit with the maximum annual consumption set in kWh/year for every Superpack. 
    • Rental of single-phase electricity measuring equipment.
    • Rental of natural gas measuring equipment, when necessary.
    • The taxes: on electricity, hydrocarbons*, VAT, etc. 

    *The amount for the hydrocarbon tax included in the rate is calculated on an estimated monthly gas consumption, depending on the contracted plan. The final rate amount will be higher or lower as a result of applying this tax (€0.00234/kWh) to the billed consumption every month.   

    It does not include other regulated details relating to gas and electricity supply, such as the CRI fee, which may be transferred by the distribution company.

  • What will my Naturgy Superpack bill look like?

    If you have contracted a Naturgy Superpack, you will receive a bill with the following details:

    • Electricity and/or Gas Plana tariff, according to the Naturgy Superpack you chosed
    • Servielectric Xpress
    • Servigas Complet with or without heating, according to the Naturgy Superpack you chosed

    In your bill, each detail will have a discount applied, and the total bill, with taxes included, will correspond to the amount of the Superpack you have chosen.

    Although it will seem like other bills because the details are the same (energy and services, taxes, rental of measuring equipment, etc.), you will know it is a Superpack bill because every energy detail on the bill will have a discount applied and, just below the total amount of the bill, it will be indicated that it is a Superpack campaing.

    You can see an example by clicking here.

  • Why should I contract the Naturgy Superpack?

    The Naturgy Superpack gives you control and offers you the peace of mind you want at home. It is the definitive solution to ease your worries as you know that you will have everything you need for just one fixed rate: electricity, gas and coverage for any unforeseen breakdowns of the equipment in your home.

    Without having to worry about anything else. As easy as that.

  • I have contracted the energy and/or services, how can I benefit from the Superpack and the savings it creates?

    If you are already a customer and want to benefit from the annual saving resulting from contracting the Superpack, all you have to do is renew your current situation, and contract the Superpack that suits your needs. Your conditions will be updated automatically based on the Superpack you have chosen, and you will then be able to enjoy the benefits.

    Bear in mind that contracting the Superpack means that any other promotion or campaign you have applied to your products and/or services will be automatically removed. 

  • Electricity and gas readings: do I have to keep writing them down on the notice or sending them?

    With the Superpack, you no longer have to worry about electricity and gas readings because your consumption needs are within the established energy consumption.

    The real readings (and also the estimates) will be included in your consumption history for you to monitor. They are also required to assess the accumulated annual total of the consumption contracted in your Superpack.

    You can view your consumption on your bills and in the Customer’s Area whenever you want. We will also advise you if we detect a potential deviation from the consumption established in your Superpack.

  • Can I change Superpack if my consumption needs change?

    Of course! You can change it whenever your needs change. There is no commitment and there is no cost for changing between Superpacks. 

    If your consumption needs or the equipment in your home changes (e.g. if you install a new air conditioning system or there are more people in your house), you will need to review if your contracted Superpack covers your needs, and if it doesn’t you’ll need to request a different Superpack.

    Bear in mind that if you exceed the maximum annual consumption of electricity and/or gas established in your contracted Superpack, you will be billed an additional amount for the excess consumption. This amount will be calculated by multiplying the price of the ‘excess kWh’, which is indicated in your contract, by the number of kWh exceeded. 

    Naturgy will inform you before you are about to exceed the maximum annual consumption so you can request a different Superpack with a greater consumption of kWh/year and therefore avoid this additional excess charge.

    In case of the excess is billed based on estimated readings, Naturgy will also inform you in advance so you can provide us with a real reading.

    You can also request a different Superpack with a lower consumption of kWh/year if the consumption you have chosen is not in line with the real consumption during the validity of the contract. If you do not reach the annual consumption limit for the contracted flat-rate plan Superpack over a year, we will credit you with one monthly gas/electricity rate, as appropriate, for the next period. Making changes to the type/rate before incurring an excess of kWh does not mean you will miss out on this bonus.

  • Should I renew the Superpack?

    The period of the Superpack contract is one year (12 months) from the activation date. It is renewed every year, so you don't need to do anything. 

    The prices remain the same as when you took out the plan and you will not be subject to price changes (for access rates or energy) that may arise during the period of your contract because the rate remains fixed for the 12 months of the contract. 

    One month before (at the very latest) the automatic renewal of your contract, we will send you a bill or a letter with the new rate.

  • Can I cancel the Superpack?

    If you want to cancel the Superpack before the end of the contract, we will calculate your consumption up to the cancellation date, which is what we should bill you for, with the electricity and/or gas rate that corresponds to your characteristics. 

    We will bill you based on the difference between this calculation and the amount you have paid with the flat rate of electricity and/or gas from your Superpack up to the cancellation date.

    This will mean your Superpack is cancelled and you will have the rates and services of the new contract you have chosen.

Why choose Naturgy?

We’re more than just one of the Spanish largest energy suppliers: we create and provide home solutions for your best living and comfort. We know homes better than anyone because we’ve been looking after them for over 175 years. In addition to our wide range of products and services, we’ve a large network of stores and help assistance, besides an exclusive program of benefits and rewards.


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Forget about your energy bills with the Naturgy Superpack

Choosing the best electricity and gas rate can be difficult. That’s why Naturgy has created a simple, clear and comprehensive solution for your energy bills and services: the Naturgy Superpack.
As easy as that! All you have to do is choose your Naturgy Superpack and you can forget about any unexpected changes of price, the added taxes and potential breakdowns of your electrical appliances and cooling or heating.

Are you ready to start enjoying the best electricity, gas and services rate for your home? We’re sure that our Superpacks are suited to you. We have options for any type of consumption, with or without heating or air conditioning, and if you think you need something different, just call us and our experts will help you build the Superpack that suits best your needs.

The best thing is that the Naturgy Superpack allows you to save up to €168 per year on electricity, gas and services expenses, and there is also no commitment. Our rates and prices include everything, taxes included, so you can better control your expenses knowing that you will always pay a fixed rate every month.

If you want to start enjoying the peace of mind of having everything included in just one fixed rate, sign up to your Naturgy Superpack now.
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