We are committed to renewable energies to support the energy transition

Our goal is to have zero emissions by 2050

We are fully aware of the global challenge posed by the fight against climate change, and to this end, we have transformed and redirected our business towards the energy transition through a strategy based on promoting renewable energies and a sustainable business model that can contribute to the social and environmental challenges facing humanity.

Our commitment to renewable energies is one of our strategic lines for reducing emissions. To this end, according to the objectives of the Strategic Plan, renewable installed capacity will account for 48% of our generation mix by 2025.

Installed capacity by technology

We currently have an international generation capacity of 6.4 GW, 4.9 GW of which is in Spain. We are well positioned, mainly focusing on growth in Spain, Australia and the United States, which will allow us to take advantage of generation investment opportunities in these areas.

We are also leading the development of renewable gas in Spain as a key pillar for short and medium-term decarbonisation, and are currently working on hydrogen and methane projects with the intention of increasing the renewable gases injected into our gas transportation systems.

In terms of renewable energy innovation, we are committed to implementing new technologies, monitoring assets and managing them in an autonomous and smart manner.


Innovation is key to staying one step ahead of the impact of societal changes such as the digital transformation, which affects lifestyles, customer needs or the energy transition to a decarbonised economy.

Decommissioning the GIRA wind farms

Together with other partners, we are promoting the management of wind farm decommissioning and the recovery of the dismantled wind turbines. The project involves inspecting and tuning wind turbines in a condition to provide years of service and the processing of components that are not suitable for further use for a second life.

We contribute to the decarbonisation of the electrical system and to the care of the environment

Action in protected areas
Studies of the surrounding area
Biodiversity initiatives
Responsible supply chain