Wind power

We invest in wind farms to contribute to the energy transition and the reduction of polluting emissions

Wind power generation accounts for more than 19% of our installed capacity worldwide
Wind energy accounted for 54% of the renewable energy we produced around the world in 2023.
  • At the end of 2023, we had a total installed wind power generation capacity of 3.2 GW, split between 2.4 GW in Spain and 0.8 GW in Mexico, Chile and Australia.
  • With a net power generation of 4,650 GWh in Spain and 2,026 GWh in the rest of the world.
  • Wind power accounts for 19% of our energy mix.
  • Our market share is 6.8%.

We develop and manage power generation assets with a global approach

New projects

Installed capacity:  218 MW

Number of wind turbines​: 52

Location: Yambuk, Victoria (Australia)

Entry into operation: 1Q 2024

Installed capacity:  46,2 MW

Number of wind turbines​: 11
Location: Lugo and Guntín (Spain)

Entry into operation: 4Q 2023

Installed capacity: 49.5 MW 

Number of wind turbines: 11

Location: Villabrágima (Valladolid)

Commissioning: 2024

Merengue Wind Farm (Plasencia, Extremadura)
Merengue Wind Farm in Extremadura
Fréscano Wind Farm (Aragón)
Fuerteventura 2 Wind Farm (Canary Islands)
Merengue Wind Farm (Plasencia, Extremadura)
Tesorillo Wind Farm (Cádiz)