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2025 Sustainability Plan

Our Sustainability Plan is defined as part of the Strategic Plan and has concrete environmental, social and governance goals. It includes 6 pillars of action and 70 objectives that are committed to and aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Government reporting
Risk management

Key indicators

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Maintaining and renewing ISO37001 and UNE19601 Certification (anti-bribery management and criminal compliance)
Ambition for 2025

ASG audit coverage level over procurement volume with high ASG risk (%)
Ambition for 2025

International BitSight rating for Naturgy Energy Group
Ambition for 2025

Climate change and energy transition
Circular economy and eco-efficiency
Natural capital and biodiversity
Environmental management and governance

Key indicators

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Absolute GHG emissions scope 1+2 and scope 3 (million t CO2 equivalent)*
Ambition for 2025

CO2 intensity in power generation (t CO2/GWh)
Ambition for 2025

Mix of renewable source generation measured in installed capacity over group total (%)
Ambition for 2025

*Scope 1+2 emissions 2017: 21.8; Scope 3 emissions 2017: 142.6

Added-value services
Quality of service

Key indicators

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Overall satisfaction with quality of service
Ambición 2025

% interaction digital channels*
Ambición 2025

*This indicator shows a customer’s interactions via digital channels as a percentage of total interactions. Consolidated data from Spain, Argentina, Brazil and Chile Gas.

Talent management
Health and safety

Key indicators

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Employee satisfaction (eNPS) – 0 to 100. Number of actions impacting overall satisfaction
Ambition for 2025
Measured in 2021 with improvement targets from the first measurement

Women in management positions (%)
Ambition for 2025

Frequency of accidents with time lost among our own personnel
Ambition for 2025

Severity of accidents with time lost among our own personnel
Ambition for 2025

Nuevos New business

Key indicators

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Challenges and proofs of concept with startups in open innovation programmes (No.)
Ambition for 2025

Number of renewable gas and hydrogen projects in service (number)
Ambition for 2025

Energy vulnerability
Contribution to society
Fair transition

Key indicators

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Total social investment (millions of euros)*
Ambition for 2025

*Incluye Inversión social en la comunidad local e inversión filantrópica. Se estima que cuando se disponga de una metodología de valoración del Impacto social estas cifras variarán y se establecerán objetivos definitivos.

Transforming the world through energy, determinedly tackling the challenges of the energy transition and the demands of society and of our customers. Working with excellence, transparency and the talent of a committed team. And we want to do it together: with our employees, customers, shareholders and partners. A purpose based on four values which identify us:

Forward Vision: innovating for a better future

We transform the world through innovation, proactivity and adaptability, facing challenges and promoting opportunities of the energy transition, new business models and digitalisation.

People Oriented: from the more human side. 

We are transforming the world through proximity, transparency and trust, boosting its firm commitment to people – employees, customers, shareholders and partners – and transforming talent and passion into positive impact.

Excellence Driven: working with excellence

We are is transforming the world through leadership, determination and continuous improvement, committed to generating value from each of its businesses and markets, and responding rigorously to the expectations of all stakeholders.

One Planet: for a more sustainable society.

We are transforming the world through sustainability, respect and commitment to the environment, society and corporate governance, proving itself as a responsible company that contributes significantly to the progress, welfare and future of the planet.

Lines of work

Useful information

Sustainability indexes

Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)
Year included: 2009. Globally recognised for our management against climate change and the twelfth time in which the score places us among the group of world leaders for our action in favor of the climate. In addition, we have been recognized with a level of “Direction” for the management of water resources
Year included: 2001. Leading position among the most sustainable companies in the utilities sector renewed
Euronext Vigeo
Year included: 2013. We continue to form part of the Euronext Vigeo, Europe 120 and Eurozone 120 indexes, based on the agency’s biannual assessment
MSCI ESG Rating/ Leaders Index, MSCI Global Climate
Year included: 2014. We were assessed by this ratings agency in 2022 and once again achieved the maximum score (AAA)
Year included: 2017. We maintain a low risk profile when compared with the 712 utilities assessed and we have been recognised as an ESG Industry Top-Rated company.
Year included: 2014. We remain among the 10% of companies in the industry with the highest rating.
Awarded a gold medal for our performance in terms of social, environmental and good governance issues by this global provider of business sustainability ratings.
S&P Global
Year included: 2004. Miembros del Sustainability Yearbook 2023