We innovate to move forward in the energy transition

We innovate to move forward in the energy transition

We see innovation as a tool for developing new energy solutions
The way we view innovation allows us to move forward in the energy transition, fight against climate change and evolve towards technological solutions that simplify processes and promote cybersecurity and data management.

What’s more, digitalisation is a fundamental pillar to achieve the company’s objectives.
In this regard, the company’s innovation model is designed to weave collaborative networks with the ecosystem that allow us to respond to the complexity of the environment and solve challenges in an agile and efficient way, focused on digitalising processes and services.

Strategic lines

Developing renewable gases such as biomethane and hydrogen is a strategic vector of our business and climate action plan.

This plays a key role in guaranteeing supply security and quality, and the challenge is to have the flexibility to manage production, keep generation in line with consumption and ensure that the system’s capacity is stable.

We are committed to alternative fuels to decarbonise the economy, and we develop sustainable transport solutions through the use and development of gas and electricity.

Our innovation projects


La Robla green hydrogen plant


Offshore wind

We maintain an open and innovative attitude to identify opportunities and develop new business models capable of meeting market and customer demands. Naturgy fosters entrepreneurship, both within the company and in partnership with universities, start-ups, research organisations, entrepreneurs and public authorities.

Connecting Energy is a programme that boosts digitalisation and incubates projects related to energy transition